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    The HDRI Handbook 2.0

    Some folks may be interested to know that Christian Bloch's new book was released in last month and is now readily available. I believe it is the most comprehensive book on HDRI that has ever been published - 660 pages of high quality paper stock plus a DVD full of goodies and weighing about...
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    Photomatix 4.2 Beta is now available

    Some new features and improvements as well as some bug fixes incorporated into version 4.2. The beta release is available here: Photomatix Pro 4.2 beta Regards, Murray
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    Perhaps not Stunning but the Practical Side of HDR

    I needed to shoot a new renovation - strong sunlight through the window and a square room that could not be captured with a wide angle lens. HDR and Panorama was the only practical solution. 4 sets of bracketed images taken. Each set processed with the same preset and the 4 resulting images...
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    Autumn at Lake Mulvihill

    Tranquility and colorful beauty nestled in the Gatineau Hills. Processed with Oloneo Photoengine Regards, Murray
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    Mirror, Mirror

    A black swan - deep in reflection. Tonemapped with OPE For those who can not see the image inline, the direct link to the Gallery is here: Mirror_Mirror_800x533 - The Photo Forum Photo Gallery Regards, Murray
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    Ottawa Sunset

    Taken near a popular marina along the Ottawa River. Merged and tonemapped using Oloneo Photoengine. Regards, Murray
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    PHOTOMATIX 4.1 Beta3

    OK folks, it's here - Photomatix 4.1 beta3 available for you to play with and provide feedback. Some neat new features and some bug fixes. You can download here: Photomatix Pro 4.1 beta Regards, MM