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    mamiya 645 pro tl, one film came back blank another with 8 exposed

    Hi all, Just wanted to run something by you. I have previously run 1x black and white film through my mamiya and it was fine. I have recently run through 2 colour films. They came back from the lab today. 1 roll was totally blank (numbers were present on the roll), the second had about 8...
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    Hi all, I am quite new here but have survived the customary TPF welcome :) Here is a shot I think will fit this forum. My first cloning shot: Torched by The Paul Reid, on Flickr Would love to know your thoughts on this shot!?! Thanks Paul
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    Model bailed on me 30 mins before shoot! Had to do a selfie instead!

    After days of prep, my "model" bailed on me with a last minute excuse. I was really disappointed and decided to drive to the location and to shoot anyway. Here is the result. I am pleased as for me this is a good standard: A leap of faith by The Paul Reid, on Flickr Criticism and critique...
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    I think my Infasol 3 has gone off...

    Hi all, I developed a few rolls of Ilford 400 delta today/yesterday. My negs looked nicely exposed to the eye, but the scans showed very low contrast and lots of grain: I developed according to the guidelines, so 5:30 mins. I have looked in delta 400 galleries which show a lot less grain on...
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    My mate in his Mustang critique me!

    Mustang Shoot 2 by The Paul Reid, on Flickr Mustang Shoot 5 by The Paul Reid, on Flickr Mustang shoot 1 by The Paul Reid, on Flickr Feedback and critique please. If you think it sucks, say so :) I like to learn. Cheers Paul
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    which lab to get my 120 portra 400 developed?

    Hi all, I am looking to find a good place to send off my 120 portra 400. I need dev only as I scan at home. Any recommendations? I am not using the pictures commercially, I just want to give them the best chance of being nice. Thanks Paul
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    Will a Mamiya RB67 meet my needs?

    Hi Guys, I have recently gone from a Pentax K5 to a Rolleicord Vb and have started self developing. Whilst I love the charm of the Rolleicord images (Xenar 3.5), I am looking for something with greater contrast and detail to shoot people/models. I have read some reviews and am happy to shoot...
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    Ilford delta 100 self processing need more contrast!

    Hi all film peeps! I have recently started self-processing my medium format film then I scan in the film to get a digital image using a epson V500. My camera is a Rolleicord Vb My issue is that all my recent self-dev shots appear to have little dynamic range, well actually, highlights are fine...
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    Self portrait taken this morning in the mist

    Hi all, took this today. although I am happy with it, it seems to be lacking... ideas???? Dawn treader 1 by The Paul Reid, on Flickr thanks
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    What light meter? Film newbie

    Hi All, have got my 1st film camera coming for xmas. :) It is a Rolleicord so I will have to judge my subjects before dialing in shutter speed and aperture... Can anyone recommend a cheap and reliable way to make test? I have seen some light meters for £10 on ebay and some for £130...???? HELP...
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    First step into Film and Med Format...

    Hi all, I have been shooting digital for a while and have just bought my first film camera today (Christmas present to myself!) eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace went for a Rolleicord because I love the styling (shallow?!) and I like the look of the photos with the 3.5 Xenar lens Vs the...