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    The HDRI Handbook 2.0

    Some folks may be interested to know that Christian Bloch's new book was released in last month and is now readily available. I believe it is the most comprehensive book on HDRI that has ever been published - 660 pages of high quality paper stock plus a DVD full of goodies and weighing about...
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    HDR shootout #36

    Compaq, thanks for sharing the source images. Can't really improve over what you've done. To my eyes, my merged image called for a little horizontal straightening. This is the output from Photoengine which was just straightend and cropped in PS. Regards, Murray
  3. Shootout_36_MM_LoRes


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    HDR shootout #36

    Likewise. There are many free file hosting sites which do not require everyone to login or sign up. Regards, MM
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    Few HDR from the past week

    Mysh, to update you, I got hold of 3 D800 RAW files (approx 45 MB each). They were singles and not from the same bracketed set so I expected the results to look like an ugly mess, but Photoengine loaded and merged them in just under 16 secs. Regards, Murray
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    Few HDR from the past week

    You might want to try Oloneo's PhotoEngine. Regards, Murray
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    water wheel

    Beautiful shot, excellent processing. I would definitely hang this one on a wall. Regards, Murray
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    Few HDR from the past week

    Really nice set of shots. I like the last two best and don't mind the red light streaks at all. According to my calculations a D800 RAW file should open as a whopping 216MB for a single layer 16 bit image. So I am curious to know what happens to your processing time when you load and merge a...
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    Photomatix 4.2 Beta is now available

    Some new features and improvements as well as some bug fixes incorporated into version 4.2. The beta release is available here: Photomatix Pro 4.2 beta Regards, Murray
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    Nikon MC-DC2 Remote Release Cord for HDR

    Maybe I am missing something but why wouldn't you just use the interval timer? You set your autobracket to the number of shots you want then go into the shooting menu, then hit the following sequence on your 5 way navigator control button: Right, Left, Up, and press the OK button. Right goes to...
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    PhotoEngine by Oloneo. Regards, Murray
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    D800 or D4 for HDR?

    Well stated. That's pretty well how these cameras have been market tiered by Nikon. The D800/E is the solution for Studio, Architecture, Landscape work (large and slow). The D4 is probably the machine you want to take to sporting events or into a war zone (very light sensitive, very fast, and...
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    D800 or D4 for HDR?

    The resolution of the D800 is so much greater, its output without the E version, will look sharper than a D4 and it is unlikely that you will notice the difference between the D800 and the E version. The D800E does not eliminate the anti aliasing filter it just overlays another structure over to...
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    Stairs you don’t want to walk

    Jan, those shots are crazy! Really nice subjects. I wish the windows in the 2nd shot were not blown out. Regards, Murray
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    HDR Bracket (3 raw photos attached)

    Nice scene. Yes, it merged and mapped very smoothly. Regards, Murray
  16. DSC_0012-HDR_LoRes


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    Blue Porsche

    Severe tonal inversion, fuzzy / out of focus. Not one of you better shots.
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    Joes Crab Shack

    Very nice shots in daylight. I bet they would look spectacular at sundown or later. Regards, Murray
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    Tips on Processing? (First HDR)

    Yes, the edit at the top is better than the orig, it has more detail and contrast. Regards, Murray
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    Tips on Processing? (First HDR)

    Using the auto rotate function, PS told me the image needed to be rotated just under 1 degree, which it did. You can see now that the line across the sidewalk is level with the horizon as is the line across the building shown in red on the linked image. As for shadow detail, it may have been in...