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    Question About Shooting the Next Lunar Eclipse

    We have a total lunar eclipse coming in just under two weeks. The thing is, I've "done" lunar eclipses now and grown jaded with the up-close moon-fills-the-frame thing and very, very, VERY slowly (over 5-6 hrs) seeing it change colors/shades/brightness. And dealing with mounts that track the...
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    First Daytime Time Lapse Attempt

    Well that took a long time. ;) This is a sequence of 3133 photographs, taken from 11:41AM to 9:02PM. One shot every 10 seconds until the last 49 minutes, when it was 1 shot every 20 seconds. Aperture started at f/5.6, then I later went to f/3.2. Shutter speed from 1/800-sec to 15 sec. ISO...
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    Stuie Wants a Brand New Bag

    I have an old Lowepro shoulder bag I bought back probably a decade ago as I was JUST getting started with P&S stuff. No idea on the model; its exterior dimensions are ~10.5-11" by 8" by 8". A clasp or two have broken, and it's too small as a "travel" bag to really hold a body, 2 lenses, and a...
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    Where to Get Wedding Albums Printed? (yes, I searched)

    Sorry, wasn't quite sure where to post this. Anyway ... Printing remastered wedding photos of my parents from 40 years ago. Was going to go with Mpix because that's what most people tend to recommend for prints. They offer a black leather book, 8x8" prints, for somewhere around $150. But...
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    Transit of Venus, One Camera and One Tracker ... Movie or Image Sequence?

    The upcoming transit of Venus will be visible here for about 3 hours from start to just before half-way before it sets in the mountains. I have one Canon 7D, one 400mm lens, one 2x extender, one solar filter equivalent, and one mount that will track the skies. I'm trying now to figure out if I...
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    Solar Eclipse from May 20, 2012, from Albuquerque, NM

    6.24% size Solar Eclipse montage, Type 1b Version 1.2 This compilation of photographs from the May 20, 2012, annular eclipse was generated after a lengthy and involved process. Taking the Photos The following setup was used: Tripod: Gitzo with ball head. Camera Body: Canon 7D. Lens: Canon...
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    Help/Tips Restoring Old Photographs

    I'm embarking on a 3-month project to restore my parents' wedding photos and then print them in a nice leather album for their 40th wedding anniversary on August 20. Problem is, these photos are in poor condition. The only photos I have from my parents are polaroids I scanned back in 2004 as...
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    Another Starting Studio Lighting Question Series

    I'm trying to figure out some basics of studio lighting. My basic situation is that I'm NOT a studio person, don't have a studio, but it looks like I may have the opportunity to do a bit of studio work in the future. My question is on lighting. At the moment, I have just a Canon 580EX II and...
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    Wedding from Yesterday - These Are the "Pre-Proofs"

    Wedding yesterday, 1074 photos, down to 55% after weeding out closed eyes and other unusable shots. I gave the couple these "pre-proofs" today to keep them interested until the proofs are finished. Some have effects to give them an idea of some of the digital manipulation. This was my first...
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    Going on a Camping Field Trip - Bring SLR, Buy P&S, or None?

    My thesis work is mapping and determining properties of craters on Mars. I applied to a Meteor Crater Field Camp for mid-October and was just notified today that I was selected. Now, I've been there before, and last time I walked around the entire rim and took lots of panoramae. And it may be...
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    Earth-lit and Sun-lit Sides of the Moon

    Took my students to the telescopes Wednesday night for some observing "grade replacement opportunity" (will replace 1 homework assignment grade). Took some photos while there. Here's the main reason I was shooting. If you have suggestions on the final compilation, let me know, since I'm...
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    Portrait / Wedding Photogs - How Much Cosmetic Cleaning?

    So, a bride finally got back to me 8 months after her wedding with a giant list of photos she wants finished. My question is, how much cosmetic cleaning should I do without specifically asking? For example, the bride has a teensy bit of upper lip hair. I'm cleaning that. The groom had a...
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    Moon on Saturday (85%) with Copernicus and Tycho Close-Ups

    We just had our Astronomy Day open house on Saturday and when the deck was empty, I took a few shots through our 16". Top shot is the area around Copernicus Crater with its dense ejecta blanket and terraced walls (not the best phase to shoot it, but oh well), middle is the area around Tycho...
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    Stu Smokes Up - This Time He Inhales

    And it smelled pretty gross. Need to find better-smelling incense. I took 59 photos, kept 17, processed 11, and from those, I had 70 variations. First pass to post got down to 25, next 17, next 14. I've decided to post them all, though they are somewhat delineated: First 6 are "original"...
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    Stu Smokes Up - First Try

    I've seen some pretty cool smoke shots and thought I'd try my hand at 'em. I went kinda crazy with coloring some of them, but the ones that are just yellow and blue were as-shot from the camera in terms of color -- no alteration by me. The two main things I need to change for next time is to...
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    Future Photoshop Feature - Content-Aware Fill

    Wow. I'm not even going to describe it 'cause words won't do it justice. Just watch the video: YouTube - Content-Aware Fill Sneak Peek
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    How Would You Set Your Wedding Photo Prices for ... Your Boss?

    I know there are a jillion wedding photo pricing threads, including one of my own, but I'm hoping that this one is slightly different enough to at least garner a few helpful responses. Anyway, I'm a grad student, 5th year, been working with my advisor since 2007. I'm in astronomy --...
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    Finally - First Shot from Sept. 2009 Wedding

    Several moons ago, I posted a thread about my first wedding as single, solitary, primary shooter and how frustrating it was with the style and length of the wedding and day. While I've processed all of the photos and I sent off proofs in November, the couple still haven't placed their order so...
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    Wedding Photographers - What Does Your Order Form Look Like?

    I have what may be a stupid question (in fact, I'm hoping it is and hoping that people have a simple solution). I provided about 540 proofs to a couple I photographed a few months ago. I offer various things like sepia or B&W conversion, selective color, vignettes, etc. And various print...
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    My First B&W - Stray Flower

    I was finally processing some photos I took at a conference about 11 months ago (yikes!) and decided that this one looked much better in B&W. I'm normally not a B&W kind of guy with photos, so, what do you folks think?