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  1. xjoycex

    Canon 30D in almost new condition

    hi, could you please provide a picture of the 30d and sample pictures taken from that camera? thanks!
  2. xjoycex

    Sneakers: Shoeheads come in!

    purple pigeons
  3. xjoycex

    Sneakers: Shoeheads come in!

    splatters & hunters
  4. xjoycex

    Food and drink

  5. xjoycex

    Food and drink

  6. xjoycex

    Food and drink

  7. xjoycex

    City Photoshoot C&C please...

    I love the picture #2 as well... Next I go to Seaport I'll make sure to bring my camera with me :)
  8. xjoycex

    '08 Subject Assignment-SONG TITLE- Due August 9th

    awwww the kung fu fighting is too cute!
  9. xjoycex

    Compare photos by lenses

    I was looking for the pixel peeper. But thanks also for the pbase, that's a new site for me. Thanks again Mav & usayit.
  10. xjoycex

    Compare photos by lenses

    I have a question real quick. I know there is a site where users post photos taken from their camera with specific type of camera and lenses. I came across this page a few months ago and forgot to add it to my favorite. Anybody know this site I am talking about? I'm searching for a macro...
  11. xjoycex

    Costa Rican tree frog

    Love it! Very sharp!
  12. xjoycex

    With or without (Mustang Cobra)

    Love the first pic!
  13. xjoycex


    I have the same question as well. And also, I am a XTi user too.
  14. xjoycex

    A Dozen Self-Portraits. Critique. (56k=death)

    haha.. I was also one of the person who noticed the hand on chin thing. not bad shots though :)
  15. xjoycex

    Shooting in B&W vs Colour Conversion

    Thanks for this thread, quite useful as I was also curious if the shots are taken in B&W mode.
  16. xjoycex

    Christmas & Pets (noob, first pics taken)

    I love how the 3rd pic came out focused!
  17. xjoycex

    My first model

    Thanks everyone! I know I will be on this forum everyday. Heheh... Everybody is awesome! Very funny dpolston. LOL. I am really laughing at myself now. LMAO.
  18. xjoycex

    Golden Gate Bridge

    Wow. I like pic #2. Very crisp!
  19. xjoycex

    My first model

    Haha.. he/she does! Always on point and he/she keeps on looking at me. It was quite an experience for me though. Haha.