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  1. Anorien

    Any good books ?

    Ludlum is a great author (Bourne trilogy) I've read all his stuff, don't limit yourself to just the Bourne books. That'll keep you busy for awhile! Jonathan Kellerman writes great mystery (His Alex Delaware books rock)
  2. Anorien

    Happy New Year, TPFers

    Cheers to you, Cheers to me, Have a Happy New Year’s Eve! :cheers: Be safe wherever you may celebrate this evening!
  3. Anorien

    Howdy From SC!

    Welcome to the forum!
  4. Anorien

    Hello from Arizona

    Welcome Christina! I love Phoenix, one of my favorite places. I almost bought property out there in the mid 80s (kicking myself these days for not having done it!)
  5. Anorien

    New to The Photo Forum!

    Welcome to the forum, great bunch of folks to learn from here!
  6. Anorien

    Helo Newb To the site

    Welcome! (yall.. do I detect a southern accent?) :D
  7. Anorien

    Newbie Hello

    Welcome! Toddlers make *great* photo subjects... even better, when they are teenagers, you can pull out the pics and embarrass the heck out of them (but I never did that.. no.. not me :lmao: )
  8. Anorien

    New to the forum

    Welcome Bec!
  9. Anorien

    Hello from Kansas City

    Welcome Brandie! Love the Akita (I'm sure he just *lets* the cat win) :D Go Mizzou!
  10. Anorien

    Hi I'm new

    Welcome to the forum!
  11. Anorien

    Howdy from DC area... newby, intermediate skill, question too

    Welcome! :mrgreen: Alex took care of your question and he's right.. they defintely don't bite around here. Great forum to learn and get feedback from!
  12. Anorien

    Hello from Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Welcome (from across the pond).
  13. Anorien

    VA Newbie on TPF

    Welcome to the party! :wav:
  14. Anorien

    Wait.. you can't be me, I'm me... you must be you (or am I talking to myself again?)... :confused: Welcome back!
  15. Anorien

    Question about file format on camera?

    LOL too many years of doing helpdesk work (although some of the calls were absolutely priceless) :lol:
  16. Anorien

    Is this cheating?

    ahhh famous last words (they'll never find out). Like Antarctican said, you know your girlfried best but, *if* she was to find out, it is going to be a whole lot worse that she didn't hear it from you. It'll might feel to her like you had something to hide. (wow... poor guy, tag teamed by...
  17. Anorien

    Question about file format on camera?

    All those years of being geek are finally paying off :clap:
  18. Anorien

    Shouts from Ohio

    Welcome from a fellow Ohioan :D
  19. Anorien

    You gotta be kiddin me

    This begs the question.... define good reason :pirate:
  20. Anorien

    photography is so expensive

    Expense is relative. I can't think of any hobby (that you get 'serious' about) that is cheap. It's all about what you want to do and/or accomplish in that hobby. If you want to take great snaps, then you can do it fairly inexpensively. Before you invest any big bucks, you should take the...