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  1. BrentC

    Sport from Poland

    Great action shots!
  2. BrentC

    Chickadee and Creeper

    Thanks Guys
  3. BrentC


    Nice one. Very hard to get close, very flighty birds. At least over here.
  4. BrentC

    Hi and thank you for having me

    Welcome. Saw your flickr, very nice. Looking forward to seeing more.
  5. BrentC

    Chickadee and Creeper

    Thank you
  6. BrentC

    Chickadee and Creeper

    A few from yesterday. Tree Creeper by Brent Cameron, on Flickr Black-capped Chickadee by Brent Cameron, on Flickr Tree Creeper by Brent Cameron, on Flickr
  7. BrentC

    Osprey B&W

    Very nice shot. I think the black & white and the background really works. Makes me want to experiment with some of mine that have the same type of background.
  8. BrentC

    Wild Turkey

    Nice colours on them
  9. BrentC

    Osprey IF On a Cloudy Rainy Day

    Very Nice shot
  10. BrentC

    Standards have dropped...

    I would like to see more people use the Theme threads for the everyday casual posting. For example birds, bridges, beaches, etc. These type of threads are great for the casual postings and for quick likes and the odd comment. Specific postings should only be used if you want critique and...
  11. BrentC

    American Kestrel and Red-tail

    Yeah I know about that area. Exposure wasnt perfect on the shots and had to recovered some highlights. I probably could have singled out that spot to try and recover more. Next time I'm editing I'll see what I can do. I also have a ton of other shots from that time I should go through...
  12. BrentC

    A Little Refresher

    Very nice set
  13. BrentC

    Barred Owl.

    Great set Logan. Still have yet to capture one of these
  14. BrentC

    Two Locals

    By the length of the tail, not a Coopers Hawk. I'm pretty positive its a Red-shouldered
  15. BrentC

    American Kestrel and Red-tail

    Thanks Logan. Yeah they do tend to be very skittish. This one was kind of chill though. I'm working on getting in-flight shots. I know where the pair of them are usually at. Fast little buggers though.
  16. BrentC

    American Kestrel and Red-tail

    Thanks guys!
  17. BrentC

    Sadie in the snow.

    Great looking pup!
  18. BrentC

    Managed to take the camera for a walk.

    Nice set!
  19. BrentC

    SD Card Question

    I have no issues deleting from computer or camera. But formatting I would always do in camera. This is where some have had issues. I delete photos as I go, live in camera, when I know the shot is bad. After photos have been transferred I just run a card format on the camera.
  20. BrentC

    American Kestrel and Red-tail