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  1. joey-cakes

    Developing in Miami

    Hot Shots- 152 NW 57 ave Miami Tropicolor- 1442 Alton Rd Miami Beach Associated Photo- 19 SW 6 St Miami Pittman photo I had their address but they moved they are near the falls shopping mall. Google them for address World Wide Foto 5040 Biscayne Blvd
  2. joey-cakes

    Just got Canon SXi but not so impressed with all hyped about it

    oh i would have thought that you could chose between the two somewhere in the options. to op: adjust the sharpening in your camera if you aren't satisfied. I think the major problem is the glare from sunlight reflected off the car. other than that i don't see much of an issue.
  3. joey-cakes

    Just got Canon SXi but not so impressed with all hyped about it

    are you shooting in raw or JPEG? If you want it sharper you may want to do that in PP.
  4. joey-cakes

    Lines, Cracks and Shadows

    nice shots. I love the colors in the first two and the lighting on the second.
  5. joey-cakes

    portraits strobistish

    your right no light stand or anything. So im guessing an umbrella would be a good investment. I wasnt realy going for a glamour style. I was more trying to capture the atmosphere of the area, which was grungy and when it started getting dark just a bit creepy.
  6. joey-cakes

    portraits strobistish

    Took these the other day. I think they came out kinda nice. I used one flash off camera for each. CC apreciated. 1. 2.
  7. joey-cakes

    fav photographer---who and why

    im in love with gregory crewdson
  8. joey-cakes

    Ebay radio trigger problems

    Ok so the ebay trigger doesnt work for the quantaray QDC 900 wa. cheep flash + cheep trigger = :( I tried using the hot shoe pc adaptor between the reciever and flash. No luck So instead I just bought a PC cord and the two adapters. Its cheeper than the canon Hot shoe cable and it's not...
  9. joey-cakes

    First try at night shot

    Well, your doing exactly what you need to do to learn when you do shots and only change one setting to see its effect. With that said I like the contrast between the foreground and background and i especially like the tones in the sky.
  10. joey-cakes

    Ebay radio trigger problems

    so i tried it on the studio flashes my teacher has and it worked fine. I used the PC cord for that. so today ima try using a hot shoe PC adaptor for the flash cause it doesnt have one.
  11. joey-cakes

    Ebay radio trigger problems

    ok so its not the camera. im gonna bring it to school tommorow and try it on the big studio stuff my teacher has there then ill know for sure if its my flash. what sucks is i was gonna take pictures for prom cause the photographer at prom has to take a million of them so they dont have time for...
  12. joey-cakes

    Ebay radio trigger problems

    so I purchased the PT-04 on ebay. after waiting for it to come from china i threw it on my camera and lucky me its not working to great. When I press the shutter release on the camera or the test button on the transmitter the red light flashes on both the transmitter and receiver. the flash does...
  13. joey-cakes

    afternoon train shot

    yeah i think the ones with the cloud may have made the red flare more obvious. but I waited for a good 10 mins for a cloud so i went with it.
  14. joey-cakes

    afternoon train shot

    i like it so i thought id share to get some cc.
  15. joey-cakes

    recovering photos from a formated card

    i may do that cause i dont have a card reader and the two trial softwares i used require me to use one cause my camera doesnt show up as a leter drive.
  16. joey-cakes

    recovering photos from a formated card

    I was recently hit by a car while riding my bike from a photo shoot location that is not accessible by car. I ended up in the hospital, but my camera was just fine. I took pictures of the scene. Unfortunately I neglected to upload them to my computer. A few days later I formatted my card not...
  17. joey-cakes

    canon off camera flash

    i am currently using a canon rebel XT and a Quantaray QDC-900WA. I want to take this flash off camera. If you cant tell already im low budget. What would be the cheapest way to take this flash off camera and get creative. I've already searched on Strobist and i havent had much luck. Though from...
  18. joey-cakes

    Problems with Flash

    only photograph blind subjects
  19. joey-cakes

    '08 Subject Assignment #9 – THE STREET - Due April 11th

    hey thats pretty cool. check out my flickr and mayeb send me a pm.
  20. joey-cakes

    a sign that kind of touched me,,,in a sense

    very nice. i was jsut down at south beach. should have kept my eyes open to see this. next time your there head by lincoln road and check out the Peter Lik gallery, some nice stuff there.