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  1. karissa

    more plants

    Thoughts and comments are always welcome.
  2. karissa

    Scanning Slides (from omg years ago)

    So I found this box of slides from my dads child hood taken by my grandfather. You can guess they haven't been extremely well preserved as they have been in a shoe box stored at less than desired temperatures. I have had a harry brained idea to try and start scanning those and hopefully...
  3. karissa

    Kid at the Park

    I couldn't pass up this kid at the park the other day. Did a hack edit job.. maybe I'll try a better post process another day... Figured I'd at least share this much.
  4. karissa

    Ireland shot...

    I'd sure like this to be the view from my bedroom window... This shot was taken at the northern cost of Ireland. Maybe someone here will know what city because I sure don't remember....
  5. karissa


    Took this picture the other day and thought I would share it with you. Comments are welcome.
  6. karissa

    Morning Fog

    I was on my way out the door at 7am the other morning and saw this. Yeah, like a dork I pulled out my tripod and camera and snapped a few shots before rushing off. Comments welcome.
  7. karissa

    I wish I was a cat....

  8. karissa

    Fall Fashion

    Some shots I took the other week. I finally got them up. Love the colors of fall.. don't like the cold!:confused: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Comments welcome.
  9. karissa

    Demonic Pather (or so he seems)

    I have always said my cat was a little terror. Well, I thought this cap was rather fitting for him. He however, dissagreed.
  10. karissa

    First Sights of Fall

    My first shot of fall this year. I hope to have many more this year. Comments are welcome.
  11. karissa

    You know its College food when:

    Ok, my dad and I used to come up with these when we would be driving on long road trips to visit relatives. I ran across this one I started in my college days and wondered what the creative people here might come up with. I'll get us started... You know its college food when: - It has the...
  12. karissa

    Dramatic Rose

    I'm really not sure about this photo. Maybe some of you have some comments.
  13. karissa

    Kitten Yoga

    So I was starting to realize I had yet to get a good "awake" shot of my little kitten so finally after many tries.. I was able to catch this one. What do you think?
  14. karissa

    It wasn't me!

    I didn't do it! I sware! :lol:
  15. karissa

    Black Cats.. Not a Photographers friend

    Figures.. the cat that ended up being part of my little family is solid black.:lol: I did finally get a few pictures that didn't look to bad.... or at least I hope.. I guess its up to you guys. 5 Minute Cat Nap Laptop DustCover.....
  16. karissa

    I wish I was a cat....

    One, of the many exotic animals I love.
  17. karissa

    Deer Outside My Window

    Thank you to the people in apartment B for providing my deer.....:wink:
  18. karissa


    Took this shot in Colonial Williamsburg last week. I had a lot of fun trying to get the lighting just right. What do you think?
  19. karissa

    Yellow Bird, With a Yellow Bill

    Was having fun with my new camera... thought I would see what you guys thought.
  20. karissa

    Trying to start a graphic design forum, please help!

    Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know about a new forum I'm trying get up and running. This forum is for all graphic designers from students to hobbiyests to pros. I would love it if you would jump on and check it out. Maybe make a few posts to help me give this forum some wings. Thanks so much...