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    The dark side

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    Country road

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    Out of the blue

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    Spots w/ 20D

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    Deep Blue Sky with Clouds

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    Coming soon

    Thx for lookin :sexywink:
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    2 flowers

    Picked these off my friends house down the road and ran ! Just thought these were kinda striking. Those nails are my wifes... not mine, just in case someone gets wise and ask :lol: . Anyways check it out. Thx for lookin ;)
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    Odd size?

    I had to print a 12x18 instead of a 11x14 photo to get everything in without cropping from mpix, wish they had a fit to size option. Will this be a prob finding a frame for? Or will my customer have to get a custom frame made? alittle worried :meh: Thx for any info.
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    Xmas cactus

    Weird... it's blooming in Spring.
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    A few Blue Angel shots

    I have tons of Blue Angel shots. Here's a few for now. More to come soon, thx for checkem out ;)
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    Use to be

    Caught this off an old country road. Had to move fast on these. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Thx for lookin ;)
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    1.4 2.8 Thx for lookin ;)
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    Thx for lookin.
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    Wait, wait JonK's @ 3009

    Great capture M @ k o Congrats my friend :cheers: And thanks for all the help ! Your awesome :thumbup:
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    She's awesome ! As well as the horse, Skippy. She cut the " 0 " cow off inches away from the no time line in the Sorting event. Sorting is an even with 3 riders and they have ten cow's numbered from one through ten and pulling each one out of the herd seperately, starting with # 1 with a certain...
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    ~ The Poles ~

    Nice to have the time to post. Here's a few of my favorite spot. Went here to mourn for our 16 year old cat I had to put down last week. Thx for lookin 8)
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    On my leg

    8-) Thx for lookin ;)
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    I hope I'm comfortable to say that this woodpecker comes back every year and usually has a mate with a gray head every spring for the last 3 years. I haven't seen her yet, hope I do in the next couple of days. Thx for stopping by ;)
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    Today at a friends house

    Me and my wife was invited to a shrimp boil and drink your butt off get together this evening. It was great and good to see old faces again, some I haven't seen in 15 years. It was great ! Anyways, I noticing this flower against the house and I just had to, you know, take that picture, so I...