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  1. Southbound33

    Through the eyes of a child

    I gave my 3 year old my old Sammy TL220 and sent him out side. I didn't teach or show him anything, just wanted to see what he could do. These pics are from a 3 year old with an ancient digi and also his first time ever taking pics. All that considered, I was pretty impressed. Just thought Id...
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    Please edit..

    This is a pic that my wife is in love with but I do not use photoshop or any other editing software. She wants it on canvas. Also, I know there is an issue with eyes looking too black, but my son really does have black eyes. Thats actually the reason she loves the pic. Any help here would be...
  3. Southbound33

    Nice...ummm...truck, yea

  4. Southbound33

    Nissan Z

  5. Southbound33

    Track Day

    Fun day!
  6. Southbound33


    Got up close and personal with a fast train.
  7. Southbound33

    Interesting day

    Just out shooting as normal. Found some cool stuff. I know my composition skills need a lot of work so go easy on me, but my goal is to capture the moment as I see it in my mind, flaws included. Hanging Spanish Moss that covered the streets Old engine at the shipyard. Dont see engines and...
  8. Southbound33

    Abandoned Navy Hospital (pic heavy)

    This place sits in the industrial side of town. It was beyond creepy, the white paint is wearing away exposing the red bricks. It looked like bloody smears all over the building The doorway to "nope" I wonder who was sitting here, and why... Another angle At least there was...
  9. Southbound33

    Coffee and Sugar

    Breakfast of champions
  10. Southbound33

    Happy Fourth of July!!

    And here, in their natural habitat, you find the typical American/Korean family celebrating 'Murica in all its glory... with a little help of Wal-Mart, Bacon, Horsepower and the United States Military all rolled into one. Be safe and Happy 4th of July to everyone from my family to yours!
  11. Southbound33

    Old guitar

    I made this wall art for myself a few years ago, a HEAVILY painted youth guitar. It took weeks to dry. Shoutout to sleist for the "chair" theme Edit: Just noticed the dog hair in the first pic :angry:
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    Where is everybody?

    Nobody wants to play
  13. Southbound33

    Young boy

    Im trying my best to get better at taking pictures of people. I figured a hyper kid who refuses to stay still would be a good starting point lol. I did black and white because why not. Feedback encouraged Setup and edits: Shot in "creative" mode because Im not that comfortable shooting people...
  14. Southbound33

    Dragonfly, Part 2

    This little guy let me get right up on him. Amazing color on this thing
  15. Southbound33

    Busy Beach

    Playing around with some editing tools. I like how this one came out
  16. Southbound33

    Little Dancer

    Not intended for critique as I know it blurry. Its just funny, I was sitting on my couch reading and looked out my window and this little guy/gal was doing some pretty sweet moves. My guess is that it saw its own reflection and was so impressed with what it saw, it decided to boogy. I was...
  17. Southbound33

    Gotta throw it back :/

    Everybody kept catching baby sharks
  18. Southbound33

    Developing old film

    I just found a couple of disposable cameras from 2007. They have been in a foot locker the whole time out of heat and sunlight... will they come out ok?
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    Todays catch

    Out and about shooting. Got some cool stuff, just thought Id share it. We had one of the most colorful sunsets Ive seen in a while. Just layers of color that changed every minute. The sunset pics are completely unedited. On an old hiking trail, found a bunch of unmarked gravestones. Kinda...