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  1. mad_malteaser

    Blue & Gold Banquet

    I really like that first one. You caught a great expression and the DOF is lovely. Great conversion to b&w as well.
  2. mad_malteaser

    Hello... again!

    You're right bigtwinky, it has changed a hell of a lot. When did the forum get so.... international?!
  3. mad_malteaser

    Hello... again!

    Ah TPF, I was lost but now I'm found! Phew! I don't remember why I left here, I think I found myself getting busy with work and, as what happens, life took over. If you don't remember me, I'm Sarah. I used to be an Emergency Medical Dispatcher, here in Essex. I'm now training to be a...
  4. mad_malteaser

    Old one returning! :)

    Hi Jenna, must be the time for returnees as I am back as well! Welcome back.
  5. mad_malteaser

    Help! How do I get the perfect shot?

    I have a 400D and so far, I only have the 18-55mm kit lens. It'll be about 11.30am but as far as viewpoint goes, I have no idea until I get there. Thanks for the info about high ISO and the like, that's the sort of thing I needed to know. Fingers crossed it goes well!
  6. mad_malteaser

    Help! How do I get the perfect shot?

    Hey everyone, I haven't been around for a while, but I'm hoping you can help me with something. On Sunday the Tour de France is passing right near where I live and, it having been something I've wanted to see for years I'm naturally heading down there to see the race. I'd love to get...
  7. mad_malteaser

    people of the uk, unite!

    Hey! Same here! What part of Essex, Simon?
  8. mad_malteaser

    What is your day job?

    Blimey JIP! That's one hell of an injury! How on earth did that happen? Day job: Ambulance Dispatcher/EMD Spare time: Internet addict/Writer/Photographer-without-a-clue
  9. mad_malteaser

    400D Flash Issue

    I have recently bought a 400D and am discovering that the onboard flash is turning into a bit of a hindrance. It pops up automatically if it feels that there's not enough light regardless of the settings I choose to take my photo. I have combed the book that came with the camera to see if there...
  10. mad_malteaser

    3 Urban nighttime shots.

    #2 is absolutely spectacular. The blue tones really make the shot. Great work.
  11. mad_malteaser

    Flea Market

    I love this shot. The subject matter is so busy so toning it down with b&w was a great choice. Great stuff.
  12. mad_malteaser

    1way [B&W]

    Brilliant shot! I love that the people are both facing in the same direction.
  13. mad_malteaser

    In the City

    That last shot of the bridge is spectacular. It's an unusual angle and I love the scenery around it. Great shot.
  14. mad_malteaser

    Mini-Theme - Colour

    I love that last one. The colours and textures are beautiful!
  15. mad_malteaser


    I have to say I wouldn't do anything to this, the top might be a bit dark but it adds height to the little building which I really like. Great shot.
  16. mad_malteaser

    People in the City

    Great shots! I haven't been brave enough to try this myself yet but I love seeing other people's efforts. My favourite has to be #3, the expression on that guys face is priceless.
  17. mad_malteaser

    Frozen in time B&W and look at my new avator

    Oh I really love that first shot. There's something about b&w shots of timepieces that I really love. Great work.
  18. mad_malteaser

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Wow! Those colours really pop! Great shot. Love the DOF. These put my photo's of the roses I got for Valentine's to shame! Heehee.
  19. mad_malteaser

    Re-post: Reversed lens macros of a DANDELION

    These are magnificent! Beautiful, all of them.
  20. mad_malteaser

    Desert Graffiti

    Wow! Incredible work!