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  1. sillyphaunt

    Morning Rose

  2. sillyphaunt

    Our Christmas Card Pics

    I posted this in the Portrait forum, but wanted to share them here as well.. hope thats okay :) I got an Alien Bee 400 and Softliter last week, so have been practicing studio lighthing. I'm trying to master that before adding more lights, its fun, but in some ways not as easy as I thought...
  3. sillyphaunt

    Our Christmas Card Pictures

    I got an Alien Bee 400 and Softliter last week, so have been practicing studio lighthing. I'm trying to master that before adding more lights, its fun, but in some ways not as easy as I thought.. I'm having a hard time visualizing the light. Here's the shots I took for our Christmas card...
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    Shoot on Sunday

    I did a portfolio building shoot on Sunday with 3 kids. They were very easy to work with, I had a great time. Here's a link to a slideshow of all of their images: and a few of my favorites from the shoot...
  5. sillyphaunt

    Heya.. Long time no See!

    I know I've been MIA for a few months.. My husband got back from Iraq about a month ago, and I've been busy with that and pursuing portraits. I'm working on portfolio building, I think I'm going to seriously pursue a business in this! Here's some recent shots I've taken (all of my daughter)
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    Daylab, SX70 Base For sale

    Hey my Alt friends.. I know I've been MIA for quite awhile now. Things are going well here.. My husband got home about a month ago, and life is going back to normal. I've been getting heavily into portraits lately, and haven't really had time for the polaroids. I hate to let it go, but...
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    Morning Rose

    Took this shot this morning on my kitchen table with a $1 rose I got from the grocery store.. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. :)
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    2nd Newborn "Shoot"

    A friend of mine had a baby in July, and I offered to take some pictures for her so I could practice. We ended up talking for a long time, and by the time I took the pictures, Caleb was a little cranky, but I did get a few good ones. He has an older sister that I think I'll take pictures of...
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    Working on Catchlights

    I've been hard at work the last week or so, trying to focus on getting good catchlights in my portraits. Here's a few that I got today of my daughter and my nephew.. any critique on anything is welcome :)
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    That Smile

    A collage that I did of a few pictures taken of my daughter today. I'm working on getting catchlights in my portraits. Let me know if you think the collage works well. Thanks :)
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    This was taken today at the park with my daughter. I was wondering what everyone thought of the conversion/treatment in Photoshop? I think I like it but not sure if I've gone to far on it (I tend to do that!) The original is attached if you want to see.
  12. sillyphaunt

    Couple Kid Portraits

    I went on a family reunion/vacation to the coast a few weeks ago.. There was quite a few kids there to practice portraits on. I got a few that I liked, thought I'd share. Audrey: Laeden: Emily: Critique/Advice is Welcome!!
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    And Beyond

    I took a trip to the Oregon Coast at the end of July and took this shot. Tech info: Taken on Canon Elan7, Velvia ISO100, I can't remember exact stats, but Lens was my 20-80mm. It's scanned from a slide, so there's the loss of quality there, but it came out pretty good, considering. I...
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    Paging the P Team

    Hey guys.. Sorry I've been MIA, I just got moved into a new house and got internet hooked up yesterday. My days are full of unpacking and decorating and all that jazz that comes along with a moving. Plus my husband is coming home in about 6 weeks (Yay!), so I've got a lot to get ready for that...
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    Quiet Moments

    Shot these in the backyard with my daughter today.. any advice/critique is welcome :)
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    Has anyone used or heard about the New York Institute of Photography program? I've been reading about it for a month or so. A friend of mine is doing it, she said she really is learning a lot. It seems to cover all the bases, and that's what I'm looking for. I have seen similiar programs that...
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    I shot some Velvia slides awhile back and has some 4x6s printed.. I LOVED a few shots, so wanted them blown up on an 8x12. I dropped them off to the same printer that did my 4x6s, and just got them back today. All of the shots are dark and flat, the color is just no good. But when I look at the...
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    Which Sunset?

    I am going to be giving this picture as an 8x10 to my Father in Law, and can't decide which PS treatment I like best. I know they're not TOO different, but enough to give me greif. :lol: Tech Info: Shot on Canon Elan7, Fuji Sensia ISO400 Slide film, Scanned from a print. I can't remember the...
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    From 7 to CS2

    I have PS 7, but I've heard a lot about CS/CS2.. is there a lot of differences between the 2? I didn't pay for 7 (was given to me), so don't have the money invested in it, and have toyed with the idea of buying CS.. just wasn't sure if it was worth it.