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  1. macawlvr

    My Grandsons 1st picture

  2. macawlvr

    Pocono Mts

    It's been a long time since my last post, I need back surgery and get out very little. In Pennsylvaina there are some awesome areas just to stop by the side of the road and get photo's. Here are afew I took while I was visiting my son in New Jersey. Had to go was Grandsons Christening. They live...
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    Baby Cayden and feet

    Hi all, It's been awhile since I lasted posted anything. These I took just a couple days ago. During one of my less painful days, need back surgery so not been doing much photography. Thanks for looking and as always any c&c is welcome. Trish
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    Birds in my Sanctuary

    Dave and I built a beautiful water garden over the weekend, already we have a lot of visitors. Here's 3 shots I thought you might enjoy.
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    Bouy in the Sunrise

    Early this morning in the Gulf of Mexico, off Pensacola Pass.
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    Redbellied Woodpeckers

    This pair took to hiding and flew right past me to perch under this dead pin tree limb. It was pouring heavily so I grabbed my 400 L with my 20d and was hoping for a decent shot. I left a larger crop so everyone could see the rain. Enjoy and thanks for looking.
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    Native Oklahoman Flowers

    My home state has some of the prettiest flowers, here are 2 samples that I took while there on my last visit. Of course we all know what 1 is..the awesome sunflower and 2 is the pods of Thistle, which have not burst forwards yet with all their tiny black seeds. Thanks for looking and as always...
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    Blue Jays growing up

    I've been watching these Jays for weeks, the mom and dad would bring them and they would feed and water them. But now that they have matured and gotten all their feathers it's hard to tell who is who. Thanks for looking. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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    My Grand Daughter Britney

    This is my 7 year old grand daughter, I get to see her only about every 1 or 2 years. She was one of the main reasons for my trip to Oklahoma.. I've got the originals without the resize saved, going to have these 2 printed..what do you think? Thanks for looking......
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    Hi all, Been a busy few weeks and no time for many posts. Just got back from Oklahoma visiting and I got up early one morning to capture the sun rising through the USA Flag. Since it was the 4th of July weekend I thought it was appropriate. Thanks for looking.....
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    Bellingrath Gardens, Alabama

    Hi all, thought you might like seeing a bit of the south in bloom.. Jello and I went this last weekend and had an awesome time taking photo;s. Here are 5 that I liked of the grounds even though I have whole lot more that are as beautiful. Thanks for looking.. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    Mornings Glory

    Jello and I went out shooting this morning, It really wasn't a very good day for photo's. But here's one I especially liked... Thanks for looking
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    I just want MY fishin pole!!

    This boy and this duck was having a showdown earlier. The duck stayed put as the boy snuck underneath to get his fishin pole :) Thanks for looking!
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    This is Jello our Blue and Gold Macaw. I caught her flapping her wings and after looking at the photo I realized how neat it was that her face, background and bowl showed through the motion of her wings. Thanks for looking....
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    Baby Bentley

    Jello and I took some photo's of a friends baby, with her permission she let me post. Forgot to step back to get the whole foot. :( Thanks for looking....
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    1st Portrait try.

    Here's my 1st try using a light meter,studio light and and a decent background. The subject is my hubby Jello ;-) I need honest feedback..tear it apart good or bad.Trying to improve all aspects of my photography.. Thanks for looking!
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    A Lotta Angels

    Every Tuesday and Thursday the Blue Angels practice for the airshows. They are home based out of NAS Pensacola so I am able to go anytime and get photo's. Here are a few of my latest outting. Thanks for looking..... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
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    Gonna be a lotta little ones around soon!

    While experimenting with making backdrops this was happening behind my back.
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    Delightful Daybreak

    This morning I was able to capture this beautiful sunrise in stages.. Thanks for looking... 1. The sun was still below the horizon 2. Just starting to break and thought with the grass it looked pretty. 3. Last but not least, the ball of fire greets the morning.
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    More Birds

    Here's a Jay and a Cardinal that I thought turned out well with my new Lens.. Thanks for looking!