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  1. GrfxGuru

    Johnny’s Western Auto - Original location in Raymondville Texas

    A nice urban discovery from a recent trip to South Texas. These walls have seen some time pass for sure.
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    Would anyone be interested in beta testing my iOS app for XT-4 Film simulation storage?

    I decided to solve my own problem. I am forever losing my notes on my film simulation settings for my fabulous XT-4. So I'm working on an iOS app to keep them all in there and always have them to hand. I am wondering if anyone would be interested in beta testing it for me? I hope to have it...
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    And older but still favorite Sunset Pond

    This is shot from a local small lake in a park here in DFW Texas. To this day I have yet to take an image of a sunset that spoke to me as much as this one did and I was lucky enough to capture it. Thanks for taking the time to look at it.
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    5D MKII and M50 Owner, Where to next to replace the 5D?

    Hi all, I have been out of the photography loop for quite a while and I know there are a ton of camera bodies out there now. I recently got the M50 with the EF adapter and really have fallen in love with it. But I still find my 5D MKII better when it comes to noise and generally I just feel...
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    Really enjoying my new macro lens.
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    Some flowers

    A couple of shots from the yard that I finally got around to posting. 1. 2. 3. Thanks for looking.
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    Recent Ice here in Texas

    My contribution to the recent Ice encounter in Texas, the DFW area did not get it too bad. I found this shot in the backyard which I felt portrayed the couple of days nicely.
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    A self portrait, Critters Christmas view and a tree.

    There actually was an idea behind the shot, I noticed the reflections of the tree around the ornament and with the fish eye perspective I imagined that if there was a critter hiding in my tree looking out that it could well be the view of the world that it could see. But the problem was I liked...
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    White flower, new discovery in yard.

    This particular plant (trying to locate name) has never flowered until this year, was a great discovery when we came across it about a week ago in our yard. It's semi-windy today so the tripod and close up filter did the best they could.
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    Grapevine Botanical Garden

    Shot this at the weekend, I'm pretty happy with it. Thanks for looking. Peter.
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    British Classic Car show in sunny Grapevine

    A few shots from today at the British Emporium in Grapevine. How can you not take the odd shot or two of the classic Red British Mini Cooper :) #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 (Yes I did forget my polarizer, kick me now!) I have to say I'm getting real tired of problems with the 50D though, I got...
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    Taken today, I see these interesting shapes and textures every morning in the bathroom and today I thought I'd actually get around to seeing how they look on camera. I wanted to keep the depth shallow to diffuse the background and help break up some of the lines. Thanks for looking.
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    Early morning walk.

    Taken during an early morning walk around Arlington (Texas) River Legacy Park. I didn't get the sun rays as well as I hoped, so I'll have to work at that. Thanks for looking. Maybe next time I'll get to see some of the wildlife around there I hear about.
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    Canon 30D > 40D or wait for the 50D?

    So I know this question has no one answer, however I am so very tired of the dust on my 30D sensor all the time that I am considering the 40D for that reason alone (yes I know all the other features are very nice as well, but it's the dust that caps it for me). No matter how many times I clean...
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    Milam County - Texas, Courthouse

    Whilst moving my library around I came across this shot that I do not recall ever sharing. I think the reason is that I simply hated having the tree's always in the way (and do not believe in retouching them out simply to fix reality :) ). But I do love the nice warm tones of the stone they use...
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    A trip around my Library at home.

    Whilst looking around my Library I thought this made for an interesting photograph. Technically it's not B/W so I posted in General. Processing was done with Apple's Aperture and Nik Software's SilverEfex Pro. Thanks for looking.
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    I think my cat might be lazy

    After defending my little guy to my wife for so many years, I can no longer defend him when it comes to his willingness to appear less than lazy.
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    Today's Classic Car Show

    I few of my personal fav's from a trip to a Classic car show today. The rest can be found on my Flickr. Including bigger versions. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Thanks for looking, it was so nice to get out and take some pictures again.
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    Yard buddies

    If only I had got the DOF right and the bird was sharp as well. Lesson learned here, f4 or 5.6 on a 70-200mm racked out and close to the subject is not enough.
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    Prepare to defend!

    I get it...don't come any closer.