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  1. ToMaNyToYsJf

    Searched with no Luck

    Does anyone know a program that will allow you to preview your raw files shot from a Canon 5d mk iv on a mac. I can view them in lightroom with no problem. I just want to be able to view them in my folders before hand its driving me crazy...
  2. ToMaNyToYsJf

    Neewer Speedlight Question

    Hey everyone. I just purchased 2 Neewer nw-561 speed lights. I'm using yongnuo yn622c-ii receivers and trigger and I can not get them too shoot hss. Every time I go past 200 sec I'm getting banding. I've read the neewer manual and that was no help. Anyone have any suggestions I'm out on vacation...
  3. ToMaNyToYsJf

    canon 24-70 2.8L V1

    Selling my Canon 24-70 2.8L v1 lens. This version has the ability to do macro over the V2 lens. Used for weddings only. Very clean no chips or scratches marks or fungus. $800 plus shipping. Comes with vello flower hood promaster 77mm uv filter box and soft cover. Thanks
  4. ToMaNyToYsJf

    Anyone in Nashville or local (Tennessee)

    I'll be In Nashville from May 14-16. My wife's on a business trip so I wouldn't mind being shown some good local spots to shoot. I'll have my own vehicle also. Shoot me a pm. Thanks.
  5. ToMaNyToYsJf

    WTB light meter

    Looking for a light meter asap thanks.
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    2 canon lens for sales

    Selling my Canon 50 1.4 mint condition used a few times and Canon 85 1.8 mint condition used once. Both were purchased brand new from B&H. Looking to get $325 each shipped to your door. Both come with Canon box, front and rear caps. I'll try and post pics very shortly. Please feel free to ask...
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    WTB Canon 24-70

    Looking to purchase a Canon 24-70 2.8 lens. Looking to spend $1000-1200$ max. Checking here and eBay. Sent from my iPhone using PhotoForum
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    Wireless flash?

    I've linked my canon 60d and Nissin flash together. When my canon is pointing directly at flash it works fine but if I have a subject infront of the flash I can't get it to fire. So Im assuming the in camera sensor is just not strong enough. Is it worth purchasing a wireless remote slave? Will...
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    please Help me LOL!

    After Ive edited photos using CS4 I save the file into jpeg and im loosing alot of detail and color. Im stuck! Ive looked all over the internet and im still lost. Please help me im going nuts....:thumbdown:
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    Finally posting some pics for CC

    Finally got the nerve to post a few pics I've recently taken. Im very new at editing so please feel free to comment away. 1 2 3 4 5 First HDR attempt?
  11. ToMaNyToYsJf

    Suggestions for honeymoon gear.

    I'm getting married end of aug and we are doing a 2wk honeymoon. Right now i have canon 60d with 18-200mm, 50mm and tripod. I'm thinking of upgrading my backpack so I'm able to fit my tripod inside but I'm wondering if anyone else has any other suggestions on lens etc. I know I need a few more...
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    Sony alpha 330. eBay link

    Here's the link to my Sony alpha 330 with extras. Thanks for looking. Sony DSLR-A330 Kit with DT 18-55mm Lens 10.2 Megapix... - eBay (item 130477739926 end time Jan-27-11 20:21:27 PST)
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    Anyone Using Wacom bamboo

    Just wondering if anyone uses a wacom bamboo tablet/pen for there photoshop?