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    Central Minnesota (7) - Suggestions / critiques welcome!

    Here's the set: 1. Part of the campground. I don't think this picture is especially good, but I think the trees in the background are kind of dull. I face this problem all the time when shooting in forests....can anybody help me here? #2: Middle Cullen Lake, near sunset. I ran into it while...
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    The following pictures is of the eastern part of the Duluth, MN skyline, taken with my Sony DSC-P71 point-and-shoot. Thank you in advance for the comments!
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    D70s vs 350D

    I am looking to upgrade from my trusty Sony DSC-P71 point-and-shoot that I have had for three and a half years and taken over 9,500 photos with (according to the counter) to something a bit more advanced. With DSLR's priced so low today (compared to when I got the P71), and the fact that they...
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    MN Lakeland Pt 2

    Thanks for sticking with me...we're still at Big Sandy Lake. Here are a few looking in the direction of the (still not quite setting) sun. The sky certainly didn't turn out too nicely, but I don't know if I could have done anything about that... #6: #7: #8: They say that Minnesota...
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    MN Lakeland Pt 1

    I decided to go on a bit of a drive, from my home near Duluth on the western edge of giant Lake Superior (the world's largest freshwater lake, actually) to about 70 miles to the west, first intending to go on a hike (probably better called "walk" because of the terrain) in the Savanna Portage...
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    The Park Point Collection - 56k Warning

    OK, after that rather pretentious name, let me introduce these: they were taken on the Park Point nature trail, on the gigantic sand bar of the same name (well, it's actually Minnesota Point, but everybody says "Park Point"). The first three or four miles of the sandbar are dominated by homes...
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    Duluth, MN Pt 1: Superior Hiking Trail (56k warning)

    Here are some pictures I took whlist walking down a portion of the (new?) Superior Hiking Trail in Duluth, MN between the "Five Corners" intersection and 40th Ave. W / Haines Rd. They were taken with a humble Sony DSC-P71, all handheld, and have no editing whatsoever besides re-sizing. I don't...