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    going to las vegas

    Hey hey, So i'm going to Vegas next week and this will be my first trip where i can take nice photos and will spend half my time taking photos.. instead just memory shots etc.. so as a newb with a Canon Rebel XSi and only a stock 18-55 lens i would like to ask 1) what lens should i rent...
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    1st pic being used on a poster

    Hey guys, I made a thread about asking for some help with a ring in a book and using the light to cast a heart shaped shadow. This is for a poster that is being made for a church seminar about Relationships.. this is the picture i came up with.. i used the WB to make the colour a little...
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    just bought DSLR.. first pics

    hey just got myself a Canon XSi to start off with.. i am really taking this seriously as i wanna do it as a side job in the future.. i attending classes in the summer and learning how to edit photos of people, landscapes etc but here are some pics i took the first few days i had it.. please...
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    photo of Text in a book

    Hello, I am trying to make a poster for a church event i am having. The poster is going to be of an open bible with a ring along the spine. The lighting will be adjusted to make a heart shaped shadow on the book from the ring. it's been done before, but since it;s a relationship seminar i...
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    Hello.. ; >

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to say hello. My name is Eric and I am from Toronto, Canada. I've always been interesting in photography and editing but i never had the chance to get into it. Now I want to get into it, and what influenced me is that I am a car enthusiast and I want to take...