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  1. djengizz

    Desolate country

    Tnx Jeroen. I'm going to take a look and see how it works when I remove the scarecrow. btw: the menu on my site is a mouseover and should come out when you go over it. Another two I took last Friday: #6 #7
  2. djengizz

    The Ice Flower

    Great and almost abstract. Lovely textures.
  3. djengizz


    Very nice and i love the mood and toning. Beautiful gallery by the way :thumbup:.
  4. djengizz

    Broken Windows

    Very nice. Makes me wonder who built that house and why...
  5. djengizz

    Charm City...

    I like them all but the last one is my favorite. Good colors and contrast and nice scene. In the first one i like the birds and the tower in the background.
  6. djengizz

    Zion National Park in Winter

    #2, #4 and #7 for me. Nice depth and i like the combination of the red rock and white snow.
  7. djengizz

    Missouri Barns and Such

    Great theme and #1 and #3 are beautiful. The effect is a bit too strong for my taste but well executed. Love to see a longer series of these barns.
  8. djengizz

    Desolate country

    I went looking for desolation and minimalistic, empty landscapes. Still working on this so I hope I can add more and improve in the future. Please let me know if you like the atmosphere or if you think they're too boring. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  9. djengizz

    Phone snaps

    Well spotted LaFoto, these were all taken on a parking deck @work while having a cigarette break. There is nothing wrong with my camera just trying something different. The Lomo effect is what i was after (the bad quality of my phone cam helps a lot ;)). And yes i did some post on all of them...
  10. djengizz

    Some new photo's!

    I like #11. The decayed, industrial feel is nice. Great texture and post processing.
  11. djengizz

    been off for a while..

    Wow, that's one creepy location. Nice shots, i like #2 and #4 because of the dark, moody atmosphere. The borders are not to my taste by the way (personal taste: i almost never like borders).
  12. djengizz

    Elk at Sunrise

    Very nice silhouette and the square format works really well.
  13. djengizz

    The first snow melted soon!

    Very nice and great effect on the light. I'm surprised you still have such a small DOF at F29. #2 is my favorite.
  14. djengizz


    Nice contrast and great textures. I like it. Maybe you could make the top of the picture a little darker? I can still see a branch in the shadows which distracts a little bit from the textures in the bottom.
  15. djengizz

    Phone snaps

    Some snapshots taken with my crappy phone cam: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
  16. djengizz


    @jeffie7: Funny when they do that. Fall asleep in the middle of something. My kittens even fall asleep in the middle of a play fight. @pez: Sorry, these are taken ;). @Lyncca: Thanks! @jeroen: Bedankt man, groet uit Leiden ;). @A&A Lane: Thanks, #1 is my fav too. @Hobbes: Hmmm, a million blurry...
  17. djengizz


    Thanks for the C&C, much appreciated :).
  18. djengizz

    Post a picture of yourself

    Thanks sunlioness :).
  19. djengizz

    LOMO Wall

    Wow, lomo as it's meant to be. There are some really strong images in there. I love your street photography. Thanks for sharing.
  20. djengizz

    exposing to the right and highlight control

    Not in the situation you describe. If a scene has a lot of contrast and more dynamic range than your sensor is able to capture you shouldn't use ETTR. ETTR is used when your histogram is centered or has more information on the left, meaning there are no blown highlights. You can than shift your...