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  1. ClearBlueDaze

    Spring flowers by a newbie

    Thank you :-) thank you! :-) thank you!!! :-)
  2. ClearBlueDaze

    Driftwood at Clam Beach

    ADORE them. I like 6 of 8 best, the one with a little sand at the top. Adds some interest and texture contrast. IMO... Beth
  3. ClearBlueDaze

    More Hornet Pics

    I take it you have one helluva zoom lens? I would want to be far far away..... Beth p.s. way cool shots.
  4. ClearBlueDaze

    By The Pool...

    I love that shot! The definition on the insect is amazing. Beth
  5. ClearBlueDaze

    Close up of fungus on wood

    It was natural light, and a shaded area. Taken in the morning. Not alot of choice on the angles. The rotting wood is a split rail on a fence, and to get it I had to stick the lens through rusted wire to get the shot. I need a new fence. LOL Beth
  6. ClearBlueDaze

    Colorful Summer Day Lilies

    Then we have good taste! Now I need to figure out how to get my camera to do what my eye wants it to do! ;-) Beth
  7. ClearBlueDaze

    My first flower pics! Please comment and critique

    I like #2 best. To me #3 looks washed out in back. Beth
  8. ClearBlueDaze

    Close up of fungus on wood

    So I think I like macro photography. I don't have a good zoom lense...YET. Everything I shoot is with my out of the box lens on the D3100. Enjoy the rot. Okay....which is best, why, and how can I improve? Beth
  9. ClearBlueDaze

    Another Butterfly Outing

    I just posted a few flowers....I took some pics of bleeding heart too, but I have to find them...somewhere on my hard drive.... Beth
  10. ClearBlueDaze

    Spring flowers by a newbie

    Yeah I know, more flowers by a newbie. I appreciate any suggestions you may have for taking better shots. Thank you all for your help, suggestions, and encouragement. Beth
  11. ClearBlueDaze

    Another Butterfly Outing

    You're welcome Joel. I recently tool a bunch of photos of a butterfly moth. Not sure how good they are, I captured them with wing movement, I thought it would add to it. Much easier to photograph the moth than the bird. No luck there yet. I'll start a thread later. Would love feedback. I can...
  12. ClearBlueDaze

    Photo of the Month May Winner - carlos58

  13. ClearBlueDaze

    Colorful Summer Day Lilies

    LOVE the 3rd one!!!!
  14. ClearBlueDaze

    Another Butterfly Outing

    I'm a newbie...okay now that that is out of the way, I like them. I like the second one best in your first post. I like the wing detail. CBD
  15. ClearBlueDaze

    Bulgaria in the snow

    I love number 1 and number 4.
  16. ClearBlueDaze

    More CC Please

    I like number one but the light does his the top of the head on number two. Try that shot again but get closer to the floor.
  17. ClearBlueDaze

    In honor of... CC

    You're welcome. :) Keep the photos coming. CBD
  18. ClearBlueDaze

    In honor of... CC

    Shared, I like number 3 the best given the age of the model. You can interpret the flag on the shoulder in so many creative ways.... I can see it as the weight of the safety of our freedoms lie with those who serve, I can see it as shouldering the defense of our country, I do not see it as a...
  19. ClearBlueDaze

    C&C Occupy Boise

    I wish you luck in your endeavors. What kind of camera did you use? I'm new to this too, but depending on what you have there may be some settings that can really help you with photo taking so you can tell a very creative story. Photojournalism is wonderful. Your subject lends itself to that.
  20. ClearBlueDaze

    Street market photos - please look and share feedback

    Thanks Jake! I'm going to work on softening the light. Beautiful pics by the way....