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  1. Scott WRG Editor

    Sea World 2007

    $65 per person in Orlando. I'm not a big fan of performing animals but I do believe they serve a purpose that is beneficial to thier species in the long run, at least in shows like sea world and "natural" habitate zoos. Vegas shows are not included, they should be stopped. I think Sea World and...
  2. Scott WRG Editor

    Sea World 2007

    Sea World Orlando, its a pretty fun place
  3. Scott WRG Editor

    Sea World 2007

    Went to Sea World Yesterday, took 250 pics and these are a couple I like: The rest can be found here:
  4. Scott WRG Editor


    Fun with a laser cutter in a clean room... Not to bad a pic considering it's from my cell phone (LG Chocolate)
  5. Scott WRG Editor

    Happy birthday Scott!

    Thanks everyone! Have a Happy New Year
  6. Scott WRG Editor

    Cleaning a 20D

  7. Scott WRG Editor

    Pooped Pup

  8. Scott WRG Editor

    Merry Christmas to all at TPF

    Merry Christmas every one...:lovey:
  9. Scott WRG Editor

    Have you always wanted to meet up (in BOSTON) with the GROOVIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH!?

    :irked: Well folks, It looks like I won't be able to make it to the gathering. I'm still at work and they want me to work tommorrow. I have no real idea what time I will be able to get out but they assure me that this is critical and whatnot. The good news is that if I can get out early then I...
  10. Scott WRG Editor

    Do you have a comfort food?

    Chocolate Milk is mine
  11. Scott WRG Editor


    College Lacrosse game
  12. Scott WRG Editor


    I just got the check (after 3 months of waiting) for my first paid photography gig! WOOHOO! Just thought I would share my excitement
  13. Scott WRG Editor


    I just caught episodes 3 & 4 on Monday, I actually like it alot!
  14. Scott WRG Editor

    Have you always wanted to meet up (in BOSTON) with the GROOVIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH!?

    And I'd probably sign over my paycheck, probably best not to know.
  15. Scott WRG Editor

    Who has a TPF Camera Strap?

    I've got one!
  16. Scott WRG Editor

    A Little Weirdness & Firepower

    I went to a BBQ this weekend with some members of my Web Site forum (also members of this forum) and did a little target shooting. It wasn't till I saw this picture that I realized how weird it was to be wearing a dolphin playfully leaping in the moonlight while blazing away with an M1 Garand...
  17. Scott WRG Editor

    Birds and Water Fowl

    Some shots from the local Renn faire
  18. Scott WRG Editor

    Ever After

    Amazing photo, all you need is a slighly out of focus unicorn drinking at the water in the background. Great stuff.