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    boring date

    boring date | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    this is the first time i had good success with black and white film, it seems like most of the time its grainy from being over or underexposed. i shot it with a 28mm lens at f/3.5 and probably 1/30th of a second, fuji acros100. im also looking for a forgiving but similar film in 400iso if anyone...
  3. den9

    nikon fm10 and 28mm f/3.5, aperture ring not working?

    i had shot a roll of film with this camera, on my second roll i was messing around with the aperture and this time noticed that the metering wasnt budging. this made me realize that the whole time my aperture was stuck wide open. i was able to close it down with the depth of field button. i cant...
  4. den9

    long exposure, metering and manual camera

    i do alot of night shots in the city, my old cameras always metered down to 30 seconds, my current camera is only good for 1 second and bulb, is there any trick or general rule of thumb? i assume ill have to hold down the shutter and use a stop watch or count in my head and buy a hand held meter.
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    my film always fails

    this was a 4 hour shot, i have no clue what the hell happened, it definitely failed, and it looks like there is light leaks, my camera has a viewfinder curtain too. this was used with fuji 100f, even my regular daytime photos looked like ****. heres a snapshot in broad day light with a fast...
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    monkeys find a camera

    pretty amazing Black macaque takes self-portrait: Monkey borrows photographer's camera | Mail Online its funny because these monkeys take better self portraits than most facebook users.
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    apple store nyc

    i was going through my old computer and found this picture, probably from 2007 or early 2008 on st patricks day. it really caught my eye and i probably never considered this good before. tell me what you think. i converted filtered black and white and cant decide which one i like the most, the...
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    going to mexico

    and im scared ****less. but its my dads wedding so im obligated to go. i will be with my family the whole time but thats not the point. anyway i was just wondering can i bring my camera? they say you can only bring one nonprofessional camera and a max of 12 rolls of film. i only plan on...
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    fujichrome velvia question

    going to mexico and i want to stock up on film, i really havent experimented or taken notes with films i been using but im going to be taking strictly landscapes, most sunrise and sunsets. my question is, whats the biggest difference between 50, 100, and 100f. i dont care about skintones, i...
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    pelican case

    looking to buy a pelican case, what size should i get for a canon 1n film body, a future 5dmk2 and a 17-40mm lens?
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    ugliest man on campus

    they say janis joplin was voted ugliest man on campus, i wonder what they thought of annie leibovitz. i try not to be shallow, but all she needs is a mullet or something discuss
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    cant seem to get it down (lots of photos)

    i recently switched to a film camera from digital and just cant seem to get sharpness at all. tell me what you think. this was shot with a 17-40mm f/4 and 64iso tungsten slide film first off, the color sucks, this should be bright red this camera doesnt focus at night so i manual focus and...
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    lens shift

    does this make sense? Technorama Shiftadapter i understand tilt and ****, but wouldnt this be no different then raising the tripod 10mm or so?
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    3:1 aspect

    does anyone here mess with panoramic photography? it seems like there is only one company who makes such a camera and its not cheap. i want to buy one so bad but i cant bring myself to spending that much money, yet. i first discovered it when i accidentally stumbled upon "new york vertical" in...
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    Nikon D50

    body, battery, charger, 1 gig and 512mb card, strap, body cap, under 8k clicks on the shutter. 250 plus shipping
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    acura tl type s

    i think shooting cars is boring, but i told my friend id take a picture of his car. i used fuji slide film, tungsten 64iso yes i know you can see our reflection in the car lol
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    focusing switch

    what is the point of the focus distance switch on the side of the lens. wouldnt it make sense to leave it on 1.2m-infinite instead of 3m-infinite?
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    you think lenses are costly?

    theres a reason. this doesnt even include the engineering and design. ps: does anyone think the beginning with the music remind you of a late 80s drug dealing film? what is that powder? fluorite? YouTube - CANON?LENS?MAKER
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    multiple exposures results

    these were 3 or 5 exposures per frame (film) but i forgot to compensate my exposure. my question is how come this one came out super grainy compared to the other? the sky looks perfect on the 2nd one, its out of focus and the mysterious grain. shot with 160iso
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    picked up my used 70-200mm f/4 and im in love, drove through my neighborhood to test it out, the results are awesome. i used 160iso fuji 35mm, i think film has a great range of colors compared to digital. all i did was straighten them out, the dof is great for this lens. critique is appreciated...