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  1. LCARSx32

    Flash vs. Speedlight vs. Thyristor

    I've wondered for a while now... what's the difference? Pros, cons? Google was disappointingly unhelpful.
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    Ok, I can take it... How much is it worth?

    You're going to hate me even more :) I took it apart to convert it to EF. But the way I did it is 100% reversible. Below is my first test shot to make sure I could focus to infinity with the new mount. Keep in mind, my tripod is woefully inadiquite for a lens this size, so it was moving...
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    Ok, I can take it... How much is it worth?

    OMG OMG OMG I just stole this lens!! All he wanted was a laptop for his wife to use when they go on long trips. I had just a Dell M5030 about 2 months ago new for $275.00. I had it with me, so I showed it to him and he said "let's trade". DEAL.
  4. LCARSx32

    Can my Panasonic Lumix G2 be fixed ?

    Can you post a picture of the damaged port? The closer the better.
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    Ok, I can take it... How much is it worth?

    Thanks a.u. I'm aware of the limitations of using FD glass on EF cameras. In the near future (if I can work out a deal), I plan on getting one of the cheap glass-less adapters and using it for "closer" (lol) subjects. I wonder if I could focus the moon without infinity focus? hmmm. Has...
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    A Few B&W's for critique

    I agree with MissCream on #1. I liked it better how it was. #2 could do with cropping about half of the left hand side off, maybe a little less. Although, it'd be better if there was some obvious subject. Like tail lights off in the distance. Something to give it meaning. The last picture...
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    Ok, I can take it... How much is it worth?

    A friend of my father's had this lens given to him. He doesn't do photography more than to take snapshots at family events, so he has no use for it. I'm going to talk with him today about buying/trading for the lens and I want to go with at least an idea of how much it's worth. My best...
  8. LCARSx32

    Just bought an XSi , have some questions

    Hey KmH, Thanks for the info. Do you know if the XSi handles this better than a 300D? Will I notice a difference? I guess I'll find out tomorrow night when it gets here :)
  9. LCARSx32

    Just bought an XSi , have some questions

    Sorry, I didn't make that more obvious... I shoot long exposures at ISO100-400. I was just saying that my 300D is noisy at low ISO, long exposures AND high ISO, short exposures. So if the XSi is lower noise at high ISO, I'm assuming it would be lower noise at low ISO, long exposures. I'd...
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    Just bought an XSi , have some questions

    I just picked up an XSi (450D) on ebay for $295. It should be a considerable upgrade from my current 300D. I'd like to know how the 450D does with long exposures (star trails, mostly). My first gen 300D is understandably noisy when exposures are longer than 10-15 seconds. Should the 450D...
  11. LCARSx32

    Adriana's Christmas Dress

    You upped it too much. Now it's over exposed. GeorgieGirl, the pics are nice, but don't you think Grandma would want to see less of the top of her Granddaughter's head and more of her smiling with the dress visible? Maybe standing up?
  12. LCARSx32

    Love hurts.

    I took 8 shots of varying angles and every one cut off the bottom of the heart. I don't know how I missed it. Ho hum.
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    Love hurts.

    I haven't been able to get out with the camera lately, so I was going through some of my older shots. I came across this one and thought I'd get some feedback. Lover hurts. *EDIT* I was looking at it and decided it needed some color. #2
  14. LCARSx32

    Photo for Comments & Criticism

    It's a very noisy shot. Lots of stuff in the foreground distracting from your intended subject. At least, I assume the water is the subject. I would have gotten closer to the largish tree and a little lower. That way you see less of the clutter, but still have that "looking out onto the...
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    New model shot - portrait pro software

    The skin between her left eyebrow and left eye could use some work. Blue vein.
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    Drunk Christmas Lights Pics ...

    #2's great. I love the character the subject has. They're all very creative. Kudos.
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    First Effort with New Camera C&C Please

    Here's a 2 minute edit. To me, the thing I like about black & white images is the sharpness and the contrast in the images. So that's what bumped up in yours. I also messed with the levels a little to bring up the exposure.
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    I [Heart] Apples.

    Cute heart shaped apple with dingy creepy looking post processing? Am I missing something? I would have gone for natural looking hands with a slightly saturated red apple myself... or is this a poisoned love-apple?! But, hey, I'm a guy... what do I know? :lol: I like the photograph, not...
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    HDR stands for "High Dynamic Range". Basically, cameras can't see the entire range of light that our eyes can. If you've ever taken a picture on a bright sunny day of something in the shadows, you'll know what I mean. You can either see what's in the shadows, or the sky. Not both. But our...
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    just bought at sony nex 3 need some advice/tips

    Read through your user manual so you'll know where all of your settings are. Don't worry if you don't understand what setting does what, you'll learn that through the tutorials page linked to above. I learned by taking what I thought were "good" pictures and then posting here. You get...