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    Does anyone know what these are?

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    [FOR SALE] 350D, 2 lenses and more...

    Bit of a shameless plug I'm afraid as I haven't posted here in a while, hope that's ok :D I've upgraded to a 20D and a couple of new lenses (canon 10-22 and 17-85, my god they're good!) so I'm selling the 350D, 2 lenses and all the other stuff that won't fit on the 20D on ebay, if you'd like a...
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    Been a long time...

    It's been a long time since I posted any of my photo's on the web so I thought I'd whack a few up from yesterdays excursion to Tintern Abbey: At the north end of the Abbey: Inside the Abbey: Inside the Abbey again: The Abbey in Infrared: Tintern bridge in...
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    A few from the weekend

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    IR Questions

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    Breaking Rules

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    Random one:

    Just a random shot I took today, it's a macro of a... actually, i'll let you all guess
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    A few from the weekend

    Nothing special really, just felt like sharing, C&C welcome as always! #1: #2: #3: #4: Any handy tips on IR would be very welcome!!
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    ok, so how do you get a catchlight in someones eyes? The reflection of one of course! Do you need to blind them with a torch?
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    The Watermelon Incident:

    I took these shots for the competition so coulnd't really post them before but I'd love a bit of feedback on them... 1 2 3 4 5 I should also pre-empivly appologise to Mentos who may take offence at these images! ;) Thanks for looking.
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    Not too sure where to post this as it doesn't quite fit anywhere, could this be moved if it's in the wrong place pretty please :wink: I'm after a photography book and it seems that all the ones I find on amazon etc. are those books that 'tell you what you need to know without confusing you...
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    I just got...

    a 50mm 1.8 (canon) and my god it's amazing, I've only done a few test shots but talk about bang for your buck, it cost me £60 and every aspect of it is 100 times better than any of my 'expensive' lenses.(midrange stuf, I'm not that rich). My advice to everyone is to go and buy one of these...
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    Took this today hoping for some nice B&W tones, worked out ok I guess but not what I was hoping, does anyone have any advice to offer on shooting for B&W? Thanks For Looking :)
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    Arrested Development

    the band!!! I went to the Big Chill festival recently and got to see arrested development, now this is one of the first bands to get me interested in music when I was a teenager, probably the first band I ever liked for the music rather than because all my friends liked it so seeing them was a...
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    We had a storm last night so I thought I'd try my hand at lightening shots from my window at work: C&C more than welcome, thanks for looking
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    Salt and Pepper

    No, not the horrible 80's girls! I'm trying to take a macro shot os a grain of rock salt and a corn of pepper but I just can't get the exposure right. I'm having to do a reverse lens macro as I don't have a macro lens which means both my hands are tied up with the lens and I'm using a remote...
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    Corn Fields

    it's a pretty boring picture I suppose but I just liked it: C&C, as always, is more than welcome
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    well, sorry i haven't been around te boards much recently and that I've been really slow to respond to the web space requests recently, it's all because my life is turning into more of a nightmare every day over the past few weeks. I don't really want to go into it but I do really need a project...
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    Dead Rose

    I wanted to put this in thwe critique gallery really but there's nothing specific enough for me to do that. This isn't really a finished article, just an idea which might turn into a shot if I can work out how to get it there, what do you guys think, worth carrying on with or just emo trash...