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  1. JOAT

    FS- 85mm 1.8 + Kenko Pro DG 1.4 TC (CAN)

    As much as I hate to part with this lens I'm putting it up for sale due to some financial issues. I'm the second owner, lens is still in Mint condition with rubber lens hood, there are some slight scratch marks on the inner rim of the lens hood but other than that the glass is clean and a sharp...
  2. JOAT

    Flight of the Heron

    I've been taking quite a few pics of this Great Blue Heron that's feeds near my work place and I have tons of the usual I made it a point to try to fill my card with flight shots and came out with some that I was satisfied with. I was quite surprised how patient he was with me even...
  3. JOAT

    Osprey bringing home dinner

    I've posted a couple times about these Osprey's that continue to nest in this baseball field and I thought I would go visit them today after work. This is one raptor that I know will always be there when I'm in a "wildlife" slump. It was a nice day but found it challenging to shoot against the...
  4. JOAT

    Yellow Collared Scape Moth

    This is the first time I saw this moth up close, I've always seen it fly by me but it would never sit still long enough for me to get a shot. Today I got that chance. I had to act quick so some weren't as sharp as I would have liked but not a bad first time :) 1/160 f11 ISO400 using available...
  5. JOAT

    Just your everyday butterfly

    So' i'm getting back into the macro groove and went hunting for some bugs. I didn't find anything interesting or different so I took some pics of what was there. This butterfly was kind enough to sit still and pose as I lay on my belly to get a better view :) 1 2 3 4 Some crops of the...
  6. JOAT

    Dragonfly sequence

    Well I had a heck of a time trying to capture this dragonfly in flight, I tried pre-focusing then switching to manual, I tried using AI servo and got mixed results. They didn't come out too bad but they weren't as sharp as I would have liked. I think hand holding it wasn't a good idea either but...
  7. JOAT


    Well it's that time to show some updated pics of my son. He's turning 2 on the time fly's :) Ohhhh great! here comes dad with his camera.... ooooooooooo caught me red handed! Did someone say ice cream?!! fake smile That's my boy!
  8. JOAT

    I guess there's a first time for everything (Engagement pics)

    I'll be the first to admit that I know nothing about taking these kinds of pictures but I've always wanted to try. So when my friend asked me to take their pics I was both nervous and excited since it was my first time. Those of you who know me mostly see my wildlife pics so this was definitely...
  9. JOAT

    Oh Deer!

    So I was out on a stroll on my lunch break and where I work there is a little ravine that leads to a pond behind one of the other companies. I noticed something from the distance and to my surprise it was 3 deer....white tailed deer I think. Problem was I didn't have my camera!!!! I always have...
  10. JOAT

    Osprey inflight

    Hey all, It was such a beautiful day today that I had to go visit the osprey's once again. I didn't get to stay too long this time around but I still came out with some satisfactory shots. Looks like it just finished hunting for fish! This shot is a little backlit and the original composition...
  11. JOAT

    Port Perry Osprey....still there!

    Today I went to go visit the osprey that Airic told me about last year. There are at least 2 that I've seen there from last year so I wasn't sure if they would be there still. The weather was crappy so getting proper exposure and lighting was challenging. Most of my shots ended up with washed...
  12. JOAT

    Mr. Merlin

    I was on my lunch break when I saw some sort of raptor swoop by near my office window, so I quickly got my camera to investigate the trees near by. From the distance I could see something there, but I thought it was just a crow. As I got closer I thought it might be an immature redtail hawk...
  13. JOAT

    A Tigers Roar

    Here's a few more of the sumatran tiger roaring. I waited almost an hour for this tiger to roar. A little post was done adjusting levels, cropping and using the burn tool. I did a bit more post processing on this one (posted before)
  14. JOAT

    Metro Toronto Zoo: Sumatran Tiger Series

    Today I took my family to the zoo since we are all off this week for the march break. As always I came away with many pictures but the Tigers are always my fav's. It's always challenging to get decent pics since they are behind a cage, but zooming out fully usually blurs out the fence though...
  15. JOAT

    Napkin Please!

    Been awhile since I've posted any pics of my son. I purposely left the pic in it's raw form only converting it to b&w to leave a softness to the pic.
  16. JOAT

    First Sharp Shinned Hawk

    Well I finally got a chance to take some pics of this Sharp Shinned Hawk. It was quite challenging to get a decent pic and I was more than 50ft away so these are fairly heavy crops. I spotted him in 3 different places but couldn't get any closer. Not the best pics I've taken but a a nice...
  17. JOAT

    Braving the cold (bird shots)

    Hey guys, Been awhile since I've had the chance to go out and take some pics. So I braved the frigid temperature today and got a few pics of some common birds in the area. I did spot a Rough Legged Hawk and a Northern Harrier but they were too far to get any decent pics. So Black Capped...
  18. JOAT

    Gangster Osprey

  19. JOAT

    Blackcapped chickadees

    Hey all, Long time no post :) Got a few shots the other day of some black capped chickadees. The first was a missed shot that came out quite interesting :)
  20. JOAT

    Latest pics of my son

    Been awhile since I've shared pics of my son. He's 16 months now and growing fast! He talks quite a bit and he could say 1-2 words at a time...the rest of the time it's just baby babble :angel: