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  1. Scott WRG Editor

    Sea World 2007

    Went to Sea World Yesterday, took 250 pics and these are a couple I like: The rest can be found here:
  2. Scott WRG Editor

    Cleaning a 20D

  3. Scott WRG Editor

    Pooped Pup

  4. Scott WRG Editor


    I just got the check (after 3 months of waiting) for my first paid photography gig! WOOHOO! Just thought I would share my excitement
  5. Scott WRG Editor

    A Little Weirdness & Firepower

    I went to a BBQ this weekend with some members of my Web Site forum (also members of this forum) and did a little target shooting. It wasn't till I saw this picture that I realized how weird it was to be wearing a dolphin playfully leaping in the moonlight while blazing away with an M1 Garand...
  6. Scott WRG Editor

    Who needs models anymore.

    And the kicker is..... she's not real. She is a CGI construct.
  7. Scott WRG Editor


    These were taken at the recent Thunder Over Michigan airshow.
  8. Scott WRG Editor

    Pooped Pup

  9. Scott WRG Editor

    Geneseo, NY airshow 2006

    This is a group photo taken of my crew at Geneseo, luckily one of them remembered to bring a Hurricane for the photo. In case you haven't figured it out I'm the FB on the ground in holding a camera. And for a bonus the guy up on the wing, first on the left, is TPF's much loved AIRIC. :wink:
  10. Scott WRG Editor

    Could use some help with a test

    Need your help, could you check out my test podcast and tell me what you think? Does it sound okay? And if you really want to be helpful you can call my voicemail number at 1-508-471-3959 and leave a message, and make sure...
  11. Scott WRG Editor

    MC Minolta Celtic 1:3.5 f-135mm 1014018 lens

    I have a MC Minolta Celtic 1:3.5 f-135mm 1014018 lens that I found several years ago. Well I found it in a box today and if anybody can use it then they can have it for the cost of shipping. First person that pm's me gets it.
  12. Scott WRG Editor


    I photographed a Lacrosse game yesterday, over 400+ pics! Here's three I like, comments?
  13. Scott WRG Editor

    Lighting Equipment suggestions

    I'm looking to invest in a lighting kit that could be used for portraits and such. Looking to go the least expensive route and would like suggestions on equipment to take a look at.
  14. Scott WRG Editor

    Great Rainbow photos

    stumbled across this site... amazing shots
  15. Scott WRG Editor

    Got two photography jobs

    Got a call today asking me to bail out a local college whose photographer bailed on them. So tommorrow I have to rush from work to photograph a baseball game and on wednesday I have to cover a lacrosse game. Pay is only $100 a game but thats cool. It should be fun. Its the first paying...
  16. Scott WRG Editor

    Thought of you Dark Siders....

    When I saw this T-shirt
  17. Scott WRG Editor

    I thought I had a sad life....

    but the guy who has this much time is truly alone...
  18. Scott WRG Editor

    The more things change...

    The More They Stay The Same
  19. Scott WRG Editor

    Aussies Suck

    Why do you people have to create a subject of such addictiveness that anybody who tries it is instantly hooked? This substance makes you feel good and your heart race and can in no way be good for you... OF Course I'm talking about :mrgreen: And thanks, one more reason I love Aussies
  20. Scott WRG Editor

    Cars.... looks funny