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  1. oriecat

    SX-70 Accessories

    I have some flash bars and a tripod adaptor for the SX-70 and I know I won't be using them, so I was wondering if any of you manip-nerds :mrgreen: might like to have them. Just pay the shipping!
  2. oriecat

    Some new Widelux shots

    Click for big view.
  3. oriecat

    Worldwide Pinhole Day It's today. I tried making paper negs in a 8x10 box, but it just wasn't working for me, for various reasons. So then I found the body cap for my old Nikon and put a hole in it and a ran a small roll of film through it, exposing for between 1 and 3 seconds each...
  4. oriecat

    Photo Flo type stuff

    I just recently mixed up the last of my photo flo and I remember some talk around here a while back about just using dish soap? Is anyone doing that? How much do you use, etc? Thanks :)
  5. oriecat

    Free Joseph Sudek Book

    I just realized this weekend that I have two copies of the Phaidon 55 book on Joseph Sudek. So I am going to give it away to some lucky winner. Enter by visiting my site and leaving a comment on a photo you like (or one you hate! Just tell me why!) and including 'hey enter me in your book...
  6. oriecat

    The price can't be beat!

    Well Matt could beat it, he gets all his stuff for free... I was perusing ebay last night for cheap deals about to expire, and there it was, a cute little camera at 99 cents and no bids with 3 hours to go. It's all mine now. Ansco Cadet Reflex. 99 cents! :mrgreen: Ain't it cute...
  7. oriecat

    Photographer/Place Connection

    Just as Atget and Paris go hand in hand, are there any other photogs who are so closely connected with a specific place?
  8. oriecat

    Instant Critiques!

    Just enter a 5 digit number that a photo makes you think of! No more struggling for the right words. :mrgreen:
  9. oriecat

    Images in Sigs

    Is there a way to turn off the images in signatures? I don't want to turn off sigs all together, just the images in them, and of course, I can't just turn off all images, since that would defeat the major purpose of a photo forum. Thanks :)
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  11. oriecat

    First Widelux Pics

    I shot my first roll in my Widelux this weekend and dev'd em last night. These are just a couple quick neg scans until I make a carrier to print them. This is tri-x in HC-110B.
  12. oriecat

    Ansco B2 Speedex Jr

    Does anyone know much about these? I just got one, and I had a couple questions and I cant find much online. I'm just curious what the shutter speed is (or is supposed to be). And my two dials on the top don't match so I'm wondering if one is a replacement. I have seen two pics online and...
  13. oriecat

    I think I found my paper

    Tried the pack of Bergger VCCB semi-gloss last night. Gorgeous! Thick and lovely. Isn't even curling up very much. :goodvibe: :love:
  14. oriecat


    Does anyone still irc chat? We got a new computer and I lost all my settings... :|
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    So I get to work and I'm a couple minutes early for being late, so I decide to hop on and check out the forum. Everything is good. A girl pops in and asks if my internet is working, yeah, it's fine, I say, since I'm here browsing away, apparently there was some trouble earlier, looks like it...
  16. oriecat

    Did ferny sneak by us...

    ...or get lost in the conversion shuffle? Or did I just miss it? Well in any case... congrats and welcome to the 2k club, ferny! :mrgreen: Manda will be along with your commemorative mug later!
  17. oriecat

    I never asked for a rose garden...

    ... or a llama! Scott! Don't try to suck me in to your sick llama ice cream infested world. ;)
  18. oriecat

    How do you deal with noisy rude neighbors?

    How many times do you need to ask the frat boys at the duplex next door to turn the stereo down before they realize how frickin rude they are? Why are people so inconsiderate? :|
  19. oriecat


    Since I'm bored, but don't feel like splashing in the chemicals, I thought I would just try some negative scans...
  20. oriecat

    Freezing Rain

    I hate freezing rain. I don't want to be stuck home all day! :x