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    Fuji Instax

    It's instant. I like it. The photos come out much sharper, with more tonal range than they appear here. My scanner is broken, so I shot the prints with a digital camera and a macro lens. Hence, some of the magic is lost here.
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    film = love

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    trying to fly

    holga tri x
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    ..of sorts... Working a little on a new project: "from a moving bicycle" Shot on expired kodak gold.
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    american backyard
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    the simple lives of trees

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    quality of light

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    field vs. building

    Shot with a holga on Tri-X 400. field building
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    holy crap!:)

    I CAN still use a digital camera. :shock:
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    a clump of recent photographs

    Rather than make several different posts, I decided to just throw all these together in one completely unrelated chunk of photos. All comment/critique is most welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for looking.... Untitled yashicamat tri x 400 3:38 (the light in my kitchen is nice) yashicamat...
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    poolhall (you decide)

    I am seeking some advice on this one. Which is more to your liking? With some levels adjustments and some burning and dodging.... No post processing (ok, a little sharpening...) I will keep the direction in which I am leaning quiet until I hear a few responses. Thanks for looking, ~DC
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    please don't litter

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    .and the moon also rises.

    ...on a cold winter morning... hasselblad + polaroid 669
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    Shiloh dog...
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    absolutely no title

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