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  1. MatthewKern

    Two AZ Panoramaz.

    Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona Prescott Valley, Arizona
  2. MatthewKern

    Another beach shot.

  3. MatthewKern

    Portrait :)

  4. MatthewKern

    Skateboarding shots.

    Here are some shots I have taken of skateboarding:
  5. MatthewKern

    Scenic Portraits

    These were for a team shoot for a local skateboard shop that I work at. This is one that more suites the skateboard theme: And here's a little design I made for the header for his page on the shop website:
  6. MatthewKern

    Second actual portrait attempt.

    I took a few pictures of my girlfriend for a photography assignment. This was the only one that I ended up liking: (I know she is a little dark)
  7. MatthewKern

    First studio shots.

    I made a little studio in my room using the stereotypical white sheet, and I asked my girlfriend if I could take some photos of her... this is what I got:
  8. MatthewKern

    A day on Lake Michigan. (56Kers Beware)

    Last Friday I drove up the Coast of Lake Michigan taking photos of places my girlfriend and I had been. I put some of my favorites in a photo album, and gave them to her for Valentine's Day. Here are some of the photos that stood out to me: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (posted a few days...
  9. MatthewKern

    Tiny lighthouse.

  10. MatthewKern

    Portrait :)

    This is my girlfriend (hopefully soon-to-be fiancé). I think this is the only portrait that I have ever shot before. Her face looks pink on some monitors for some reason. My living room, Michigan
  11. MatthewKern

    Another beach shot.

    This is the same beach, same day as the footprints shot. Puerta del Sol, El Salvador Here is a design that is a screenshot from a motion graphic I made for a video intro: And here is that motion graphic: Tell me what you guys think
  12. MatthewKern

    Complimentary Colors?

    I thought the these colors complimented each other pretty well, even though the compliment of yellow is blue, and the sky is more cyan than blue. What do you guys think? The Red Light District of San Salvador, El Salvador (About 2 blocks from where I lived)
  13. MatthewKern

    A romantic walk on the beach.

    Puerta del Sol, El Salvador
  14. MatthewKern

    Racial contrasts

    You may notice that this photograph is my avatar as well. I was trying to show the contrast in skin color, but I wish I would have shot it with a higher f-stop so that both of them were in focus, but I have learned that after I take a photo and I get it on my computer there is always something...
  15. MatthewKern

    My first thread on TPF

    This is a photograph of a lake that I hold very close to my heart. I think it might be one of the most beautiful places in the world. At least to me. The volcano in the top right is the Ilamatepec Volcano, which actually erupted about a month after this picture was taken. Here is a photo of...