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  1. midget patrol

    D200 still a good buy?

    So, first of all, it's been like two years or something since i posted on TPF. That would be the same timeframe as when i started college, by the way :thumbup: Now, my trusty old D50 is starting to near the end of its life: the memory card door got broken off, there's a crack in the body, and...
  2. midget patrol

    Snowshoeing in RMNP -- haven't been around in a while

    hey all, i haven't been around these forums for a really long time. Not to say that i haven't been doing much photography, i switched computers and sort of forgot about this place :( Anyway, i spent saturday snowshoeing my way up to Chasm Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park... I'd really...
  3. midget patrol

    I leave tomorrow.... :-\

    In less than 24 hours, i ship out to college. I'm so excited but so nervous. Let's see... i have my laptop, camera, and ipod... what else do i need? :mrgreen: Hopefully i don't forget anything important...
  4. midget patrol

    British Virgin Islands III -- Sailing

    Photos of the boats, rigging, etc. (generally) while we're under way. Critique and commentary encouraged! 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  5. midget patrol

    British Virgin Islands II - Beaches (2)

    Well, more specifically, the beach on Anegada. Then salt island. Once more, please, please, please critique away. Anything so that I can improve. Anegada: Salt Island:
  6. midget patrol

    As promised... British Virgin Islands - Oceanscapes and sunsets

    Now that I'm home (and have been for two weeks :er: ), here are some pictures from my trip to the british virgin islands. I don't get the opportunity to take photos like these very often. I'd really appreciate some commentary and criticism so that next time, I can take better shots. :) 1)...
  7. midget patrol

    So... guess what...

    I'm on a catamaran in the british virgin islands. And have been for the last two weeks. Sailing around and scuba diving with 35 other kids my age on a total of three, 47-foot catamarans. :) Figured i'd say hi. Plenty of pictures to come when i get home. Sorry it's been a while since i...
  8. midget patrol

    Big day today...

    I'm graduating with the class of 2007 from WT Woodson High School today at 2:00 PM. :) (it's about friggin time. :mrgreen:)
  9. midget patrol

    First photo post in a long time

    Can anybody ID this bird for me? I think it's a heron but i'm not sure. We rowed by during practice and it was catching and eating this snake. I thought it was pretty incredible and i've never seen that before:
  10. midget patrol

    So it's nice and early...

    ...On a monday morning. I have to be awake in four hours to go to school and I have yet to go to sleep. Why am I awake? Who knows. For all you other owls, why are you still awake?
  11. midget patrol

    VR/IS attachment

    Has anybody developed or marketed a VR or IS attachment? It could mount in the same place a teleconverter would but it would allow any lens to become VR or IS (whatever you want to call it). Has anybody marketed one?
  12. midget patrol

    Looking to start selling. Need some advice.

    Alright. So. I'm looking to start making this hobby pay for itself. I've got a website with some basic ecommerce: I don't want to do portrait or wedding. As you can see, most of my work is landscape anyway. How should I get people to my website? What advice do...
  13. midget patrol

    Hello, lamp-post.

    I'm back. What'd I miss? :D (What'cha knowin? I've come to watch your flowers growin.....) :D
  14. midget patrol

    Music organization

    I've been keeping my music organized in folders by artist then album. I just got a huge influx of music and don't want to file it because I'm lazy. :lol: Plus I have repeat files and stuff. I know iTunes will organize your music for you, but it has a bad habbit of crashing my computer...
  15. midget patrol

    Any electronics buffs out there?

    Capacitor (c1) wired as follows: to adjust charge capacity of capacitor (c1), you could add potentiometer (r1) in series to serve as a voltage divider, as shown, correct? And this would allow you to modify the voltage supplied to c1, thereby modifying it's charge capacity, right? Or would...
  16. midget patrol


    Feedback? What do you think of the concept? What do you think of the execution?
  17. midget patrol

    The integral from stupid to takes too much time...

    of classes(x) is approximately AP Calculus BC. :thumbdown:
  18. midget patrol

    Frontside boardslide

    Had a blast with my 10-17mm fisheye over the last few days. :) Feedback please?
  19. midget patrol

    180-on 50/50 -- Snowboard