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  1. ClearBlueDaze

    Close up of fungus on wood

    So I think I like macro photography. I don't have a good zoom lense...YET. Everything I shoot is with my out of the box lens on the D3100. Enjoy the rot. Okay....which is best, why, and how can I improve? Beth
  2. ClearBlueDaze

    Spring flowers by a newbie

    Yeah I know, more flowers by a newbie. I appreciate any suggestions you may have for taking better shots. Thank you all for your help, suggestions, and encouragement. Beth
  3. ClearBlueDaze

    Street market photos - please look and share feedback

    Spent the late afternoon wandering through an outdoor market..... a few of my pics are here..... Flickr: BethBorrego's Photostream I would like comments and criticisms on them please so I can improve. I have not spent much time with my camera since I got it on Christmas in terms of the...
  4. ClearBlueDaze

    Thanks for the tip - went sub zero today

    Hi all, Just got my new Nikon d3100 for Christmas and went to the National Harbor to see ICE! today. The sculpture area was in sub-zero temps. I was worried about the camera, but with a quick search someone here mentioned putting the camera in a Ziploc on the way back out, before getting to warm...
  5. ClearBlueDaze

    Hi I'm new here....

    Hello, just found this forum. I have always been a photography lover, but until recently have not been able to enjoy my hobby for many years. I photograph our work for our business, and have always missed photographing things that are not work related. So, I'm getting back to that. Many years...