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  1. ElectricHarmony

    What a Find!

  2. ElectricHarmony

    Back from a lil' vacation

    Hey I missed all you guys! How is everyone? I'm doing well...guess what!!! JASON PROPOSED:D :lovey: :heart: :lovey: :heart: It was a beautiful, romantic night:lovey: So the first question an engaged photographer has, long before, when, where, how....Who takes the photos? Hehe well, I...
  3. ElectricHarmony

    The day I met Superman!

    I wanted to share this fun photo manip. with everyone even though I'll never be able to change the fact that it's super grainy and was shot through a highly reflective window:( :confused: Anyway...*swoon* :greenpbl: :lovey:
  4. ElectricHarmony

    Well I finally got glasses: How will it affect?...

    Hey guys, I hope I'm putting this in the right place! I finally got my first eye exam after going 11 years without one, and it looks like it's about that time , in fact my optometrist said my eyes were ready for glasses years ago So now that I have glasses coming in a week, my big questions...
  5. ElectricHarmony

    Love of my life

    Jason at Balboa Park on June 11th We were just browsing the park and I noticed this place was more than perfect for a portrait. I'm so blessed that he never whines about having a photographer as a girlfriend and future wife comments and constructive criticism are welcome
  6. ElectricHarmony

    Fun Times!

    This is my first time to play with long shutter speeds :smileys: Please ignore the messy hair. It's my day off :clap:
  7. ElectricHarmony

    Long Day At Work...

    THIS is why you don't teach others how to use your camera. I'll be locking it up from now on :lol: Yea...once I got over being woken up, it was all good, because I have a sense of humor :greenpbl: I wish I knew what that bump on my nose is though? I don't have a bump when I'm awake:meh: oh...
  8. ElectricHarmony

    Cool IQ Test

    This was really fun! Although it looks as though I'm not logical:confused: Your IQ Is 120 Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius Your General Knowledge is Exceptional A Quick and Dirty IQ Test...
  9. ElectricHarmony

    What a Find!

    I went to a local used bookstore this evening in search of some nice photography "coffee-table" books as an inspiration, but instead, I left with my very own copy of The National Geographic Photography Field Guide for 5 buckaroos! !!:boogie: It's 7 years old, but who gives! I love this...
  10. ElectricHarmony

    Oh No! Cute idea, horrible outcome...

    Basically I just LOVE the picture below, but the lack of sky, white bushes, and washed out skin ruins it for me:( Anyone have any photoshop tricks up their sleeve to fix the problem? I already realize the multitude of errors we made taking it, but it was a silly moment and now I hope it can be...
  11. ElectricHarmony

    Helpful Books/Magazines?

    Hey guys, I'm off to a HUGE bookstore tonight, and I was wondering if anyone had any good photography-related book or magazine recommendations that they swear by? :)
  12. ElectricHarmony

    Southern California

    I've been working my butt off for a while now, and it's time to take a lil' VACATION! :mrgreen: I'm planning on spending most of it shooting, so I was hoping all you other So-Cal'ers could share with me your favorite hotspots:lovey: Particularly in San Diego if possible:) thanks.
  13. ElectricHarmony

    Lil' Rosebud

    This sweet lil' thing popped up in front of my grandfather's house last month:lovey: I know it's a lot of contrast, I like it that way:-P
  14. ElectricHarmony

    It's time to make an intro post!

    Nice to meet you all! :mrgreen: I can tell this is going to be a fun and addictive place to be!!!:lovey: I'll just start listing some things that might be of interest... Name- Amy Age- 21 Location- So Cal Interests- Photography, Photoshop, Mother Nature, Traveling, Fashion Cameras- Canon...