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  1. Digital Matt

    I joined this site 14 years ago

    I just saw an email from TPF and it prompted me to see if I could login and voila here I am. Crazy! I joined in 2004 and was active for a few years. By background is a BA in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute, been working as a professional photographer for 20 years, also a graphic...
  2. Digital Matt

    Mariposa - Jewelry Shots

    These shots are for a burgeoning jewelry company in Asia called Mariposa.
  3. Digital Matt

    Back from Hawaii - (Large Image Warning)

    Hey gang. As the title suggests, I'm back from Hawaii. Here are some of my favs that I've had time to edit. Please check my flickr site for smaller sized ones.
  4. Digital Matt

    Waikiki Sunrises

    Hey everybody. My wife and I are enjoying a wonderful vacation in Honolulu Hawaii. Of course I brought lots of camera gear with me, and have been shooting lots. Here are two shots that I've been able to get edited in my brief downtime. I don't have my usual combo of software (using my...
  5. Digital Matt

    Bike Trials

    Hey gang, I went down to the lakefront tonight just to get some quiet time with the camera when I ran into a bike trials club getting in some good practice on the rocks. I happened to have an 800ws strobe, battery pack, and Pwizards handy, so I asked if they had any objections and they were...
  6. Digital Matt

    Website Redesign

    Hey gang, I just finished updating my website and slightly redesigning. I'd love any feedback you have, and if you see any bugs please let me know :p There's still a bit of fine-tuning to do, but I wanted to have it live by today.
  7. Digital Matt

    Grunge Music

    I had a bit of free time tonight and decided to work with an outtake from a previous shoot. The model (my wife ;)) is placed onto the background image in photoshop. The background image is part of the grungy stairs of my apartment building, seen in my previous post. Thanks for looking.
  8. Digital Matt


    Introducing the grungy back stairs of my apartment building. This is first photography that doesn't involve a person that I've done in a long time.
  9. Digital Matt

    Specific Technical Assistance References - READ THESE BEFORE POSTING

    The following references were derived during several weeks of discussions amongst the members of the Critique Forum Commission. It is assumed that you undertand basic photographic concepts during a critique. We all need to be on the same page to carry on a beneficial critique. The following is...
  10. Digital Matt

    The last 7 days of my life... (not for the squeamish)

    ...have been real interesting. As many of you know, I had a heart transplant, and this December 9th will be 10 years. I have a yearly checkup where I have a right heart catheterization to check out the heart. They run a catheter into my femeral artery and up into my heart. The procedure went...
  11. Digital Matt

    Cross Processed

    I used a small crop of this shot in my promo card, and wanted to show the whole thing. I've been digging the cross processed look lately. For some images, it really works, and I like the edginess it gives.
  12. Digital Matt

    Promo Card

    Hey gang, I'm getting ready to amp up my freelancing, so I decided to make a little 4x5 promo card to pass around and put in shops. Let me know what you think. Too epic? :p
  13. Digital Matt

    Mark G

    Another shoot for musician promo shots, this time the subject is Nick Lachey, err, I mean Mark G, soon to be a graduate with a BFA in Music Performance. 1 2 3 4 5 Comments and Critiques wanted! I know his nose breaks the plane of his face on #1, but I still think it's a...
  14. Digital Matt

    I Heart Music

    Having fun with an I-River and some big headphones. Shades are fun too ;) Thanks for looking :)
  15. Digital Matt

    Fur Face

    I've been meaning to post these pics of our new cat Max. He was a stray that we rescued from the APL. He's an older cat, at age 5, but he's so wonderful, and still plays like a kitten.
  16. Digital Matt

    2 new portraits

    I had the opportunity to do another shoot this weekend with my good friend Dan. Here are just two of the over 300 shots I took. I'd love to hear your feedback.
  17. Digital Matt

    New Shoot

    These are some shots of my friend Maggie Green, who is a Brazilian singer. The first is a possible concept for her cd cover, and the others are various PR images for web and print.
  18. Digital Matt

    New Website

    Hey gang, This isn't my website, nor is it directly photography related, but I was hoping you could check it out nonetheless. It's a website I'm currently designing for a local jazz saxophonist and friend of mine. The photography was all done by me, and I'm currently developing the site in...
  19. Digital Matt

    Bronzed Beauty

    This is from a shoot I did weeks ago. I had a free day today and wanted to process a few. Let me know what you think. :D
  20. Digital Matt

    Something funny

    This really fits the category well.