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    Canon 20D is coming!

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    Random DSLR questions/thoughts

    not 100% accurate. Adorama sells a great adapter for $59 - I use a Nikon 24mm on a 10D (on ebay as I type) and 5D with this adapter.
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    Rolleiflex 2.8f help!

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    Kids and Fire Hydrant

    thank y'all :D 1961-1964 da lag ich noch als Quark im Schaufenster... sorry guys, german insider-joke
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    Really pushing T-Max 400

    With Tri-X Diafine simply rocks... Neopan and Diafine - bah :puke-right: Right now, I'm doing a roll of Delta 3200 @1600 (dunno why, just love my Tri-X@1600 :roll: ) my last batch of Diafine lasted for a year(!) and I had to toss it only coz I was running out of solution A. The 15 year...
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    NYC Meet-Up Dates Poll

    Daniel, thanks for your message - if nothing gets in my way (work-wise) I'll meet with you guys. :mrgreen: I can't really recommend any (cheap/reasonable) places to stay - unfortunately our place is a typical Manhattan shoebox... but I have had tons of luck with in the...
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    Alt with PS

    curves are my main tool - here's what I did to improve the image: 1st copy and paste into PS (Photoshop that is) convert to RGB - mainly for the toning effect sharpening (unsharp mask) in 2 passes equally high amount and high radius for contrast (15%/15px in this case) 'normal' amounts...
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    street photography faq

    I'm glad it helps!
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    street photography faq

    For anybody interested in street photography - I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions which answers many questions about street photography that appear regularly on the net. street photography faq
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    #1 is very nice - I dig the juxtaposition of the diagonal lines
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    a scene

    this is awesome (and I'm not into landscapes - go figure)
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    Kids and Fire Hydrant

    I walk the city many times, often for hours - a 'lucky' shot like this happens once every few months. Also I burn quite a bit of film - with this scene I had some time, so I shot maybe 10 frames. With many other shots I have an opportunity for a fraction of a second only. the daily grind...
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    Kids and Fire Hydrant

    lookin' for leads, you know :roll:
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    Kids and Fire Hydrant

    thank you - glad you guys and gals like it! here the technical Info: Leica M6 (TTL), 35mm Summicron, Tri-X@1600 dev'd in Diafine. shutter 1/500th at f11
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    Kids and Fire Hydrant

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    reminds me of this other dude that got wiped off this board :roll:
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    raw format looks like more noise

    RAW vs jpg
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    I just landed my first photography job... now I need help

    fibrolite and accessories
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    Difference between Summar, Summarit et Elmar

    check with these guys there's lotsa Leica knowledge around
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    Difference between Summar, Summarit et Elmar

    Leitz lens names are based on the widest aperture and lens designs the Summars (f2) are pretty old designs with coatings (maybe without?) that don't hold up to the newer, better coated lenses - many people like the 'glow' tho. Summarits are f1.5 lenses, same for the coatings. These lenses...