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  1. BrickHouse

    Canon upgrade question

    Need a little help here. I'm a Nikon shooter and don't have any knowledge whatsoever about Canon, however, a buddy asked me for help. He wants to upgrade his wife's camera for Christmas. She currently shoots a Canon Rebel XS EOS 1000D. She is looking for something with better ISO performance...
  2. BrickHouse

    Japanese elegance

    Not a remotely perfect pic by any means but I was just awestruck by this little girl's elegance and beauty. C&C always welcomed! DRB_3334 by Brick House, on Flickr
  3. BrickHouse

    My girls

    Finally getting the chance to shoot with the new D750 a little. Here's a couple of my girls for C&C. As always, struggling to control the background in my cramped 5th floor apartment with moving children. Also still using/learning the 24-120 kit instead of using my 85/1.8g so shooting mostly at...
  4. BrickHouse

    Sakura in Iwakuni

    The Sakura (Cherry Blossom) season was apparently very short this year as the peak of bloom occurred about 3 days before a set of rain storms rolled through knocking the petals off. Did manage to catch a couple quick images after work one night and thought I'd share them. If you ever get the...
  5. BrickHouse

    D750 = true love

    Just got my d750 in the mail. Un-freaking-believable! This thing is a tank compared to that d3200. The buttons FEEL better. The shutter SOUNDS better. Unfortunately I'm on call at work and won't get to play much over the next couple days but wow I am in love.
  6. BrickHouse

    Hiking/Camping accessories

    Have a friend getting married soon, big time hiking/camping guy. Nikon shooter (7100), uses an ultra-wide most the time. Looking for cool accessories or things he might not have that are great for hiking and camping. Any ideas?
  7. BrickHouse

    D750 vs D3200: How much better??

    I am looking at a nice little tax return and want to upgrade to FF. I think I've about worn out my poor little d3200 and really like what the d750 has to offer. What I'm looking for is someone who has both that could take the same low-light/high-ISO picture and post them at full and 100% crops...
  8. BrickHouse

    Playing by the river

    It's been awhile since I've posted or asked for C&C. Here's a couple from yesterday, if you don't mind giving an opinion or two. Kampai!! 1) DSC_0010 by Navy doc, on Flickr 2) DSC_0022 by Navy doc, on Flickr
  9. BrickHouse

    New addition to the family

    Just added a second angel to my crew. Meet my new daughter, Emma. DSC_0162 by Bolt x4, on Flickr My other daughter is just in love! DSC_0269 by Bolt x4, on Flickr Thanks for looking!
  10. BrickHouse

    Fenced in

    C&C please. Longingly by Bolt x4, on Flickr
  11. BrickHouse

    Home from deployment

    Just got home from a quick deployment and noticed the major changes in the forum! From what I see, looks pretty cool so far. Of course I had to test it a little. Here's a quick shot from the P&S: Together again by Bolt x4, on Flickr Here's one from the DSLR as I'm trying to get back into...
  12. BrickHouse

    Durable Point and Shoot for deployment

    I've gotten word that I am deploying this summer and will have the opportunity to visit some pretty awesome places. I don't necessarily want to take my DSLR and new glass with me as it won't fit well into my battle rattle and will likely not hold up to the environment. I'm looking for a durable...
  13. BrickHouse

    First wedding! (Picture heavy)

    So, I've made it very very clear that I am only a hobbyist, and a slow-learning, untalented one at that. I got my D3200 1.5yrs ago and shoot maybe 2-3x/month, and almost always my daughter. Somehow though, it got out at work that I like to take pictures and of course the inevitable happened. I...
  14. BrickHouse


    Trying to work on developing my eye for light a bit better. Grabbed this in the front yard. C&C? Golden grain by Bolt x4, on Flickr
  15. BrickHouse


    Practicing with the new 85mm f/1.8. 1. DSC_0129 by Bolt x4, on Flickr 2. DSC_0100 by Bolt x4, on Flickr
  16. BrickHouse

    Dakota and Storey

    My daughter and her new friend at the park. C&C welcomed. Wish I could have stepped to the right a couple feet but this was a split second moment and only got one shot off before they took off running again. DSC_0144-1 by Bolt x4, on Flickr
  17. BrickHouse

    New glass!

    My amazing wife just gave me the go-ahead to FINALLY order the Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 prime that I've been eye-balling for about 6 months as an early birthday gift. I go pick it up next weekend and can't wait! I absolutely love my 35mm f/1.8. In fact, I have a tough time even using my kit lenses...
  18. BrickHouse

    Roku 3

    Anybody have it and use it? Thoughts? Looking to get rid of cable and this as the apps that I am really interested in (Amazon, Netflix, HBO go). Not sure if I can find a way to watch college and NFL football on it. Probably some sort of service I can subscribe to huh?
  19. BrickHouse

    Seaweed flame

    Saw this while walking on the beach. Reminded me of a flame. DSC_0103-22 by Bolt x4, on Flickr Thoughts?
  20. BrickHouse

    Coronado Island

    Just a few that I took this weekend on our little "staycation". 1. DSC_0021-4 by Bolt x4, on Flickr 2. DSC_0061-11 by Bolt x4, on Flickr 3. DSC_0132-32 by Bolt x4, on Flickr 4. DSC_0162-41 by Bolt x4, on Flickr Thanks!