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    Describe your last flatulence using movie titles.

    Sweet smell of success
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    Describe your Last Sexual Experience Using Movie Titles.

    Cool hand Luke. Up.
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    Best Lens for evening Wedding

    Is it possible for you to go to the church a few days in advance and get some practice? I think when you're a beginner, it's hard to make good judgements when you're under time pressure. Those in the wedding party will likely see your dSLR and assume you're competent. They may not be super...
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    How do you do continuous auto focus tracking using a VR lens

    Seems like a good way to use a discussion forum. You know, to have a discussion.
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    Please help.. Unhappy client

    Talk to an attorney now. You have likely posted information that the client could be identified with or identify you with, including your screen name (sounds like a first name, last initial), the fact that your location shows up next to your posts and you live in a small, dramatic community...
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    Homage to my past

    Derrel, not everything looks better in portrait orientation...there is a time and place for landscape. I think this image speaks for itself. Sparky, it would be helpful to number your images...thanks.
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    55mm+ Portrait Lenses

    Don't buy a lens just to shoot portraits at 1.8. The DOF will be far too narrow. If you want blurred backgrounds, position your subject farther away from the background. Also, I am not aware of any zoom telephoto lenses that go below 2.8.
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    D5100 - looking for a good portrait lens with good Bokeh

    This statement gets thrown around a lot as indisputable fact, although both in the technical language of photography, as well as in the original Japanese meaning, it can be used to refer to the blur itself. Bokeh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Truly an impressive lens. What about the...
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    How many of you own the 35mm 1.8g & 50mm 1.8g?

    With respect to field of view (measured in degrees, diagonally across frame, remains constant with respect to distance to subject), there is a larger difference in FoV for Fx over Dx with these two focal lengths. Everyone should read/study/experiment with the link Derrel posted and stop f-ing...
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    Please advise on how to create ideal Linkedin profile picture

    Hi all, I am wondering if I can get some pointers on what makes a good Linkedin profile picture. From a relatively superficial google search, I learned that a headshot with a natural smile and profession-appropriate clothing is a good start. The job field is scientific research (biology, either...
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    exposure control with grey card

    Please post image files with exif intact.
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    Style: NewBorn photography

    Nothing to apologize for...your priorities are where they should be. First child is often 41+ weeks, sounds pretty normal. Keep taking care of your wife, her effort is heroic and amazing. Good luck!
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    Style: NewBorn photography

    You haven't posted in a while, so you're probably busy changing diapers. In any case, congratulations and hope mother and child are healthy and happy! :D
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    Full Manual or Semi Manual

    To add to this, many lenses (especially those likely to be owned by people who are just starting out) are constrained by a relatively narrow useful aperture range. Many lenses aren't at their sharpest, exhibit optical defects, or don't have adequate DoF unless stopped down 1 or 2 stops, and...
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    Doubt on DOF, mounted flash, indoors photography

    Adjusting shutter speed will have the effect of changing ambient (background) exposure without altering flash exposure. Maybe you need a combination of larger aperture for background blur, relatively slow shutter for ambient exposure and low flash power (w/ diffuser) to achieve the correct...
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    Minimum Shutter Speed With a Tripod - Interior Apartment Shot

    I wondered about that myself...your answer is perfectly consistent with what was discussed a couple of years ago: Also true to a point...I would add the caveat that the flexibility of RAW...
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    Tricky do you define "sport"?
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    Using AUTO vs MANUAL modes

    Flower mode.
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    Chromatic abberations

    Longitudinal, or axial chromatic aberation as it's also known, can not be "fixed" in post production.
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    First Attempt at HDR

    Purely from a HDR perspective, the processing is good; it looks very natural with no blown highlights and no plugged shadows. Exposure-wise, detail appears to be preserved, which is the technical goal of the HDR process. I can't tell if the brighter portion of sky at the right is...