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    The Camera-Gear-Santa-Brought-Me Thread

    i didn't ask for any camera gear this year but i ended up getting a new digital camera seen here: :D:D:D
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    MOTW - Littleman

    if you had wings and could fly by yourself (meaning no plane or otherwise)... where would you go?
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    No word association?

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    Courageous, brave, amazing, misfit director list.

    if you wanna be creeped out watch any of David Lynch's stuff, Eraserhead is his most known (and possibly his creepiest most surreal work), Elephant Man is more conventional (same goes for Straight Story) but his other works are just as weird as Eraserhead: Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Lost Highway...
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    figure drawing!

    nice drawings! they all have nice line quality, nice cross-hatched shadows, aside from the last one they all have very good form and proportions the last one i can't really tell if it's female or male also good use of the two colors great drawings and in 10-15min! i'm in a 3rd level college...
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    if you could focus all of your talents and concentration on one thing for the next 5 years (with zero amount of time spent on other things), what would it be?
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    I declare this week to be ....

    moon cow agrees in how great an idea this is :thumbup:
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    How long have you been doing it?

    started out during an 8th grade field trip to D.C. with a few disposable cameras, honestly before then i had never taken any photos ever really started out with an old automatic 35mm compact, on a vacation right out of high school, which inspired me to get into photography i bought a 35mm...
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    what computer games you playin?....

    i just bought world of warcraft so i'm getting sucked into that right now big time...
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    What's YOUR favorite scary movie?

    also, Eraserhead - possibly the most disturbing movie ever made
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    what would do if you had a clone? (did i kill the thread?)
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    some fun in photoshop...

    a couple of others - not as visually focused as the other two (just doing these for fun as they come along...) "modern boredom" "modern protest"
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    October '06 Challenge Photos - "Natural Light" - Sponsored by

    went through almost all 73, had picked out 6 favorites, none of which i could decide on... then went back to a few i skipped and saw one that was great and liked so much more than the 6 favorites happy accident for me, my vote is in and great photos!
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    No word association?

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    No word association?

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    Rocking Horse

    i thought it was creepy, though not as creepy as that black area on the floor in the first photo...
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    What's YOUR favorite scary movie?

    The Thing, The Shining
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    No word association?

    tv show