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  1. sincere

    Canon EOS 1v or Nikon F100

    I would like to get me a Film camera with autofocus ability so i looked at these two. Which one should i get and why? Can these two even be compared? Thanks in advance
  2. sincere

    My Yashica T5 skips frames on film advance

    I just put a new film in and noticed how the camera keeps skipping frames, which causes the film to be much shorter than it actually is. What can i possibly do? My guess is that the film magazine (takeup spool) is not working properly. I wonder, what if i put a different DX code to the film...
  3. sincere

    Film Scanners: Bogus dpi specs?

    I keep reading these reviews from websites that do scanner tests and reviews and as it turns out, all of the "more affordable" scanners do not reach anywhere neard the dpi that the manufacturers claim. Heres a review of the Epson V700 that i wanted to get (skip to the image quality paragraph)...
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    Medium Format Camera recommendation

    I would like to shoot Medium Format in film and would like to get a recommendation on what camera to get and why. Thanks in advance.
  5. sincere

    How to create conceptual work?

    I have a few ideas i want to realise but i have also realised that i have no structure in creating work. I spent plenty of time looking at photography books which has helped a bit but also made me realize that i am lacking structure and knowledge on how to realize a photo idea. Can anyone help...
  6. sincere

    Nikon F75: i need a decent lens

    While cleaning up my basement, i found it, better yet i totally forgot about it. Since i have used Canon for years, i dont know whats compatible with it. A 35mm lens would be great but you can also recommend anything you want. Thanks.
  7. sincere

    Leica M6 vs. Fuji X-T1: Torn over what i should get.

    On one hand i love shooting film and i love the results an M6 could possibly offer but on the other hand, i freaking love what the X-T1 offers as well. Wtf should i do? No, more importantly, wtf would you do? By the way, i will get rid of my Ricoh GR in order to get one of them so it will most...
  8. sincere

    How do i clean focus ring of my lens?

    My lens has these milky stains on the focus ring that i cannot get rid of. At first i tried water with Q-tips and that didnt work. Before i take it any further, i wanted to see what you guys do about these stains. Thanks!
  9. sincere

    Raising aperture = more sharpness?

    I know it gives you more DOF but does that automatically give me more sharpness in a picture? Maybe i am overthinking it or simply going in a wrong direction with this. Either way, while we at it, what do you do with your camera to get the most sharpness? Thanks in advance.
  10. sincere

    Yashica T4 issue

    I just put a new Film in and the red light keeps on blinking whenever i turn it on and whenever i want to take a picture as well. Once there were both lamps (green and red) blinking but still, no possibility to take any photos. Can anyone help? Before you ask, yes i have put a new battery in as...
  11. sincere

    Whats your favourite film for greyish autumn weather?

    Color and BW. You know what i mean, theres not a lot of available light, everything is grey etc. Thanks!
  12. sincere

    Color cast in my bw photos

    i feel like theres something slightly purple in the greytones of my bw photos - any idea how to get rid of that stuff? Thanks
  13. sincere

    How do you create sun-like brightness (not flare)?

    with available light that you have such as on a sunny day, everything is so well perfectly lit. is there away to recreate that?
  14. sincere

    Blue and red cast problem while shooting BW

    Whenever i shoot black and white, some of my pics either have a blueish or reddish touch to it (the black just isnt really black). For my understanding, what makes it look this way? Secondly, what can i do to get rid of it? I simply want pure black and white pics. Thanks!
  15. sincere

    When NOT to use neutral density (ND filter)?

    I have a Ricoh GR that has a built-in ND filter and i have googled the effect already and came across a lot of cheesy stuff like soft looking waterfalls and whatnot. How does an ND filter translate inot daily street photography? When else could/should i use it?
  16. sincere

    Alternative neck straps for Ricoh GR

    Are there alternative neck straps that can also be used besides the two from Ricoh? They look pretty stale.
  17. sincere

    Ricoh GR: I need a half case with neck strap

    Does anyone know where i can get one in Europe? BH got one but with shipping and tax, its absolutely unreasonable. Thanks in advance. Oh and the neck strap, theres just too many out there, wouldnt know what to get.
  18. sincere

    The F8 rule: doesnt work for me

    I tried this F8 thing that supposedly gives you better pics but in order for me to even see something, i have to crank up the ISO and shutter speed something serious and then the pics are super-grainy (because of the ISO obviously) - did i misunderstand something about this rule?
  19. sincere

    Point and Shoot for low light, anyone?

    I want do downsize a bit and carry something small, with fast focus and great image quality - what do you recommend? The low light aspect would be also important for nighttime photos. At the moment i am eyeing the Fuji X100s and the Ricoh GR. What do you think of these? Oh by the way, i am open...
  20. sincere

    Since i cant affort a Leica, what should i get?

    I have been looking at that Fuji X100s but i want to hear from you guys what else is out there. To those who say you cant compare a Leica with that, feel free and drop your knowledge on what else is out there. Thanks.