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    Calling for the Supermoon

    Not so super, it turns out. Fun to shoot, though. Version 2:
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    So how has TPF been the past few years?

    It certainly seems to have grown a ton...I went back and checked some of my first posts, good times. Anything crazy happen? I still remember many of you, hopefully I'll be interacting more on here in the near future :)
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    Women of Ecuador

    Taken from my recent trip to Ecuador, in a small town up in the Andes mountains called 'Sucre' that I visited. I accidentally missed the deadline for the portrait contest, so I figured I might as well post it here :) I posted just one this time, so nobody could get away with just saying...
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    Ballet Warmup Collage

    Another friend of mine...this is one of those odd half personal/half job things. Thanks for taking a look! :)
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    West Texas Snaps

    A few shots from a family trip to Balmorhea State Park. There are many more, I'm just lazy. So for now, just these: Thanks for looking!
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    Ecuadorian Landscapes

    Just a few from a recent trip to Ecuador. I'm not really much of a landscape guy (I live in south Texas, heh), but I really enjoyed making these. The editing might not fit everyone here's tastes, but I'm mostly fine with that :) anyway, here goes: Thanks for looking everyone!
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    Well, here goes...Portraits of a Friend

    This is so weird...I haven't posted photos here in nearly a year. :shock: Here are some photos I took of a friend...she needed a few shots for a modeling gig, so I helped out: and a smile (I liked this one :))
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    I Have an Odd Question :)

    Does anyone here remember me? I haven't been on in FOREVER (and haven't posted since last December) I feel like I have neglected tpf :( Hopefully I'll be able to hop on here more often. So, anyway...hi! :D
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    recent bride 'detail' photo

    you either love it or hate it, apparently. at least that's what i've gathered from the other two forums i've posted this on... :) let me know what you think: EDIT: original:[URL=""]
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    self portrait...

    hm. should this go here? it's not for a client, but does that mean it's not professional? and while we're on that, what is 'professional', anyway? and while you're thinking about that, you might as well look: :D
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    film development issue

    I recently developed a few rolls of hp5 for a personal project I was doing. I developed them like normal, and i'm pretty sure my exposures were fine (never had an issue with that before) but the negatives turned out VERY thin. I figured it was a chemical issue, so I replaced the developer and...
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    tried something new...

    Hey guys! it's been a long time since i've posted anything on here! Anyway, a disclaimer: I 'specialize' in outdoor and/or environmental portraiture for my clients, so I knew I was taking a big step when I bought a backdrop and some Alien Bees to expand my horizons. I've used them since for a...
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    Imaging USA 2008

    Anyone going? Looks great to me, I'll probably end up attending.
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    Bride's Choice...

    ...certainly not my favorite from our two day session(s), but one she chose. I thought I'd go ahead and post it up here since it's the first one i've finished editing (so far): haven't posted here in ages! sorry I don't have more to offer in this post, I'll try to post up some more...
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    snapshot of a friend

    good bud of mine.. (blown red is purposeful)
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    Erin (senior)

    Here's a few shots of Erin from last week...this shoot had alot of good ones that I like a bit better than some of these, i'm just too lazy to work on and get them up here :D so for now, here's a few: 1 2 (sorry about the clipped hands) 3 4 one with brother: 5 proooobably more to...
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    the B family (few kids)

    i did this family this week, thought i'd post a few shots...probably more to come, this is just a few i chose to edit up a little: 1 2 3 4 5 thanks for looking, as always! any comments appreciated, although some more detailed responses would be nice (what did you like or not like?) :)
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    3 seniors...

    here's a brief few recent ones...just thought i'd share :) thanks for lookin' !
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    Lydia - Senior (1 shot, more to come)

    recent shoot...not my best for sure but I got a few workable ones... ...i've used this spot before but the background is much nicer in this one (the last time I did it the background was a fence with white flowers in front, fairly distracting even though it was OOF...i mostly took this shot...
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    snaps at the arboretum

    it's been a LONG time since i've shot anything flower or macro are a few (still have yet to edit alot of them...more to come later): this actually made for a great desktop background, it's almost's weird: got lucky and saw this, only had one quick snap...