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  1. Deon Reynolds

    Print on Demand Books

    BookBaby sells through their own book store, but quality varied too much from book to book I just ordered several hundred and mail them out myself. That way I can sign them as well.
  2. Deon Reynolds

    Print on Demand Books

    Thank you and sorry for the slow response! I ended up using BookBaby. The colour looked great, but I am still not satisfied with sharpness/clarity. I quizzed them on the sharpness and their response was it doesn't get any better than this...
  3. Deon Reynolds

    Hard Water in the Darkroom

    Thank you this is good advice!
  4. Deon Reynolds

    Hard Water in the Darkroom

    After 40 months of living on the road, we have purchased a home in New Mexico. Over the past 1,200 days I have shot almost 300 rolls of film (tens of thousands of digital images). I'm in the process of putting my darkroom back together and hope to start processing film by the end of the year...
  5. Deon Reynolds

    For the Love of Photography

    What is the definition of photography? Simply put, a light sensitive mechanical process to create an image. That is an incredibly broad scope of thoughts and ideas that come together from a number of differing directions with one purpose, to create an image. It doesn’t say anywhere it needs to...
  6. Deon Reynolds

    Kodak Funsaver Panoramic 35 disposable camera

    Image #1). A modified Kodak “Funsaver Panoramic 35” disposable, reload with Kodak Tri-X black and white film. Image #2). “Roper” created from one of these cameras. Image #3). “Roper” installed on a wall in Carson City, Nevada. At 9 feet high and 22 feet across it’s the largest mural my wife...
  7. Deon Reynolds

    Spreading the do people find your business?

    I have tried many forms of advertising over my thirty years as a commercial photographer, this has NEVER worked for me and I find it to be a total waste of time and money. My commercial work has been largely word of mouth, not to mention a good website. It's important to keep your website up to...
  8. Deon Reynolds

    Print on Demand Books

    Greetings, I’m curious if anyone has good, bad or indifferent experiences with Print on Demand sources? The feedback I’m looking for would be concerning print quality (sharpness/clarity) and colour accuracy. Did they get the book the way you envisioned? Plus, any funny business practices one...
  9. Deon Reynolds

    Greetings from the Road

    Hello Everyone! I am a professional photographer. My work is part photographic artist creating large scale public art installations and part commercial industrial/location photographer. My work is in the Archive Collection of the Center for Art + Environment (Nevada Museum of Art). In 2019 I...