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  1. inaka

    How to lock focus in-studio once and just shoot?

    I recently purchased a Nikon D810. I use back button focusing all the time, mostly single servo (AF-S Single), where the AF-ON button serves as my button to get focus, and then I fire the shutter away to take a photo. When shooting outdoor portraiture, this setup is fine as natural light...
  2. inaka

    What type of reflector stand is this?

    Does anyone know what type of reflector stand this is? I saw this at a photography workshop a long while back, and I didn't think anything of it at the time. It tilts, has the reflector built into the stand, and models can literally rest their arms on it. I'm sure this is an easy answer for...
  3. inaka

    My second portrait shot ever. Feedback welcomed

    Friend wanted a few photos in her kitchen for a food blog. I'm very new to portrait photography, and the previous thread I posted with my first ever model shoot gave me very good feedback to improve. I welcome any input on these shots: 1. 2. 3. 4. Images were taken with a with my...
  4. inaka

    My first model portrait shots ever - Feedback Welcomed

    I primarily shoot landscapes and have never done portrait photography. I'm really new at this, but recently, I picked up a cheap lighting kit on Craigslist just to play around, and took a few shots. I would welcome any feedback: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Images were taken with a with...
  5. inaka

    Sunset Pier Silhouette

    Under the Pier by Mike M., on Flickr Nikon D7000, Nikkor 10-24mm lens @ f22, 1/13.
  6. inaka

    Nine Lives

  7. inaka

    Anyone own the Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED AF-S DX Nikkor lens?

    If so, I have some specific HELP I need with this lens. I just purchased this item from Amazon *new*, but it sure looks like the one I received is used. All items appear new, but the warranty card is perforated and only about the size of a 3"x5" card, and there's no section to mail in any form...
  8. inaka


    Pinnacle by InakaMike, on Flickr
  9. inaka

    Kaiser Garden & Building HDR

    Got a new fisheye lens and took it out for the first time today for some sample pics: 1. Rooftop Sky by InakaMike, on Flickr 2. Kaiser Garden by InakaMike, on Flickr 3. North by Northwest by InakaMike, on Flickr
  10. inaka

    Torched & Looted

    Found an abandoned building this! Had to avoid the cops, looters (one who scared the living *&^& outta me inside) and also had to avoid falling through the top floor (not easy!) but here are a few I snapped this weekend from this large set: 1. Looking In by InakaMike, on...
  11. inaka

    Port of Oakland / Golden Gate Bridge Photo Contest

    Here's a 10-shot photo contest from the Port of Oakland, highlighting the anniversary of the 75th Anniversary of the GG Bridge: The theme - GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE TO OAKLAND: INTERNATIONAL TRADE - underscores the fact that every container ship that calls the Port of Oakland travels under the...
  12. inaka

    Stanford University Campus/Church HDR

    Took a few shots yesterday around the Stanford University campus. Here are a few for C&C: 1. Stanford Memorial Church by InakaMike, on Flickr (If you look closely at this one, I got the shot right before the bride was about to enter the chruch for her wedding.) 2. Archway Path...
  13. inaka

    Oakland Technical High School

    Took a few shots this AM, feel free to C&C them. Cheers. 1. Tech Front Columns by InakaMike, on Flickr 2. Hand Rail by InakaMike, on Flickr 3. Entry Gate by InakaMike, on Flickr 4. Morning at Tech by InakaMike, on Flickr These are just three of a larger set. Here's is the entire...
  14. inaka

    A few Day Trip HDR Shots for C&C

    Went for a drive along the coast and took a few shots. C&C and feedback is welcomed: 1. House at the End of the Road by InakaMike, on Flickr 2. Shrine by the Lake at Sunset by InakaMike, on Flickr 3. Rural Silver Mini by InakaMike, on Flickr
  15. inaka

    A few abstract escalator shots for C&C

    Took a few abstract shots yesterday of this escalator leading to/from the subway station near my place. 1. Corkscrew by InakaMike, on Flickr 2. Rise Above by InakaMike, on Flickr 3. Fenced In by InakaMike, on Flickr 4. Going Up by InakaMike, on Flickr Any C&C is...
  16. inaka

    Fairyland! Yup, Disney ripped this place off :D (C&C Please)

    Ok, here are a few of a series from a spot near my place called Fairyland. No, not the The Castro, it's a children's park off Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA. Anyway here are a few for C&C of the front: 1. Main Entrance by InakaMike, on Flickr 2. Dragon View by InakaMike, on Flickr 3. Main...
  17. inaka

    First time Smoke shots for C&C (Yes, I know, it's smoke...)

    Finally got an off-camera wireless trigger system for my Sb-600 flash. Like probably everyone else on the planet, I shot some pics of smoke. :mrgreen: I know, I know, it's been done before. But I wanted to play around with these in Photoshop to hopefully mix up the subject matter a bit. C&C is...
  18. inaka

    Graffiti + Car + Abandoned Garage (C&C is welcome)

    Went back to take some more car pics last night. Taken late at night by myself in an abandoned parking garage in downtown Oakland…what could possibly go wrong? :lmao: These were HDR processed from 9 different shots of various exposures. Nothing says "fun" like standing by yourself in an...
  19. inaka

    Golden Gate Bridge @ Dawn (C&C is Welcome)

    I normally don't really like "postcard" type shots of one of the most photographed items in the world, but I just read that some ugly scaffolding is going up this week as part of a three year retrofit project on the Golden Gate. Here are a few for C&C: 1. Blocked Sunrise by InakaMike...
  20. inaka

    Mini Cooper S shots (C&C is Welcome)

    Finally got around to taking some shots of my car. I did a bit of HDR processing and post tweaking to these to give them this look. 1. Turbo Art by InakaMike, on Flickr 2. Slide Out by InakaMike, on Flickr 3. Exit Right by InakaMike, on Flickr Any comments or constructive...