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  1. bigfatbadger

    Is everyone just posting in the first two forums?

    While I really like the idea of the beginners -> beyond the basics and business forums, is it just me, or is everyone asking gear related questions in one of these two forums? How can we get the gear questions into the gear forums? At first glance it looks like all we offer is advice on what...
  2. bigfatbadger

    Invoice for a Magazine

    Being entirely new to the world of business, I need your help. One of my photos has been published in a magazine in the UK. Pretty small outfit but good start! I now need to invoice them. Does anyone have a sample invoice that they use when getting poeple to cough up for this sort of thing...
  3. bigfatbadger

    Dumb questions about light stands

    When I get paid (in three days! Hoorah!) I intend to order an SB600 and start to learn how to use flash a lot better than just pointing it straight at people and watching as they run away. Sorry, rambling. Anyway, I've been reading a lot of Strobist and want to start doing some photos like...
  4. bigfatbadger


    Hello you good people, I've been approached about doing some shots for a company that they want blown up to A3. I have a D50, and so am slightly dubious as to whether the pixel count will get me that far (it's 6). When I've looked into submitting to Alamy, they've asked that images are...
  5. bigfatbadger

    Aperture theory question

    Ok, so thanks to Michael Langfords Basic Photography, I am getting more of an idea about all the theory of photography, which is a good thing. It's also makig me realise how little I actually know, which must also be a good thing. Therefore, I'm putting a question to the collective: I...
  6. bigfatbadger

    For all the UK people in here

    This looks quite useful, kind of like a pricerunner, but specifically for camera stuff. I'm not sure about it's independence, and I haven't played too much with it, but might be quite useful! As long as they add nikon lenses soon!
  7. bigfatbadger

    First ever money!

    I got my first ever money for photographing yesterday! OK, it was only £20, but it's more than nothing! Almost paid for the filters I bought to take the pics! The photos were of cakes for my friend who is setting up her own business and should be on her website soon! I know it's not much money...
  8. bigfatbadger

    The All New Good Book Thread

    Terri suggested that we start a new book thread, so no sooner said than done! I've got a couple I'd like to reccomend to people: - Photography - John Ingledew (Amazon) I have recently been looknig for photography books that don't start with a chapter about cameras and lenses, and then...
  9. bigfatbadger

    How do you do this?

    How do you make a website that does this? Is it flash? I hate the man, not only can he take great photos, he also has the coolest website in the universe!
  10. bigfatbadger


    I can't find the thread that I think was a sticky before about good books, bad books and ugly books. Did I dream such a thread or does it actually exist? Would it be worth kicking a similar thing off, or ressurecting the old one? Jon
  11. bigfatbadger

    Ethical Dilemma (probably only works for England)

    Got an email forward I actually appreciated today: This test only has one question, but it's a very important one. By giving an honest answer, you will discover where you stand morally. The test features an unlikely, completely fictional situation in which you will have to make a decision...
  12. bigfatbadger

    Derbyshire Skies

    Have I overdone the skies a bit in these? 1. Any comments / crits appreciated!
  13. bigfatbadger

    Portable storage devices

    Does anyone use one of these? I'm thinking of the Jobo Giga Vue or similar, with 30gig of storage. The only thing I'd be worried about is the safety of the images when they are on there? All the reviews look good but they don't seem to have used them for very long! Anyone use one?
  14. bigfatbadger

    Did you know you can see Raw in windows explorer?

    No neither did I until I stumbled on this: It doesn't seem to generate previews in the filmstrip, but for thumbnails it works fine with my DNF's. Quite useful!
  15. bigfatbadger

    Two white balances, one photo?

    Aaaargh! I've recently done this shoot for a local magazine. The problem is is that there's two lighting conditions, one inside (lightbulbs) and one outside (daylight). The daylight is too dark to light anything, so the white balance setting has to be for the inside. However, when yuo view the...
  16. bigfatbadger

    Product shots - some help please!

    Hi everyone, once again I bow to your superior collective widsom and ask for advice! I've offered to do some product photography for a friend who's starting her own cake business. Shots would be primarily of cakes. Now, I don't have a macro lens or the funds to buy one, and I'm not sure that a...
  17. bigfatbadger

    Heads up on some free stuff

    Sorry if these have already been mentioned before but there's some good free ebooks on general photography, wedding photography and digital cameras here : Also a roundup of the best free photoshop plugins here...
  18. bigfatbadger

    Gig photos, good or bad?

    I've been doing a few photos for a local magazine lately and did some for a world cup event last night. They had a couple of bands on afterwards that I also took photos for. I've done a few of these now and am really challenging myself to try and find new angles on stuff, so with that in mind...
  19. bigfatbadger

    Medium Format Newb

    I'd like to start using medium format, so far the closest I've got is a holga, which, while being great, I don't think is going to prepare me for using other medium format cameras! Has anyone got any reccomendations? The budget is fairly tight, but if I buy something I'd like what I learn on it...
  20. bigfatbadger

    Help me find a thread

    Can anyone remember that thread in the general Q&A where that slightly mad guy wanted to build an absolutely massive lens? Can anyone find it?