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  1. Xmetal

    Moving car.

    I'm sure you've all seen these in auto mags and such, this is my 4th crack at this kind of shooting. :) Yesh it's my car and yes it's in bad need of some TLC but I couldn't care less since it's a 'between cars' car.
  2. Xmetal

    Jasmine :) *soft NSFW warning*

    These were taken earlier in the year at a car show in Sydney. Tackle: EOS 350D, 580ex, a bit of luck and some smooth talking. :lol: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 Hope I haven't given any of the older male members here a heart attack. :mrgreen:
  3. Xmetal

    An American in Australia

    Such a beautiful and inspiring machine, it's a replica but it's still worthy of recognition. :) The Purists among TPF will hopefully approve. :)
  4. Xmetal

    A Day of firsts

    April 19th 2008 - The day I set foot into the wedding industry. To say I was slightly nervous would be an understatement - I rocked up at the brides house at 2pm and was shaking with fear, 5 cancer sticks later and I was still shaking. I called her to find out how far away she was and she was...
  5. Xmetal


    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Critique, comments, brickbats and everything else welcome. :)
  6. Xmetal

    J&S *dial up death*

    This was my first real crack at couple portraiture, I battled long and hard with the skin tones but i'm otherwise happy. :) The clients were ecstatic. :)
  7. Xmetal

    Lots of green (LaFoto this is yours!)

    Self Portrait :P Enjoy. :)
  8. Xmetal

    Cokin filters and Digital?

    I've been trawlling eBay again *slaps himself* and I came a cross a box of 10 assorted Cokin filters with all different colours plus a few graduated ND's and other do-hickeys. Now it all looked very nice and for 25 Aussie Dollars (includes shipping) it's a steal! (adaptor rings are just as...
  9. Xmetal

    Silver Bullet *10 pics*

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  10. Xmetal

    My First Assignment!

  11. Xmetal

    First red-hot go at Portraiture

    Alrighty, some of the older hands around here will know me as the Automotive and Landscape junky, Well I got asked to do some human portraiture and it was my first full portrait session with 2 sisters sitting in. :) I'll say it now: I was shaking in my shoes! :lol: There...
  12. Xmetal

    Darkness ensures

    Newcastle Foreshore looking back towards the Brewery. Enjoy. :)
  13. Xmetal

    Sydney Motorshow '06

    Went down last Thursday for the media day when all the industry people come out to play - ran into Kieran Perkins at one of the Espresso Machines and rubbed shoulders with a few magazine boffins while noshing on Harry's pies and asking the promo girls to pose while I photograph them. Didn't see...
  14. Xmetal


    Yesterday's Shenanigans! There are others but these are probably the bread-winners...and now it's time for my brain to cool down. (bed time)
  15. Xmetal

    Studio Recordings

    Mate's band was recording an EP for promotional stuff...I was armed with a camera. :greenpbl: Enjoy. :)
  16. Xmetal

    Pink Car

    Only 2 frames because the others either didn't come out as planned or had too much sensor noise. :P
  17. Xmetal

    Parking Lot Shenanigans

  18. Xmetal


    *Lawrence of Arabia Theme Music* :D Oh what a day.
  19. Xmetal

    Fill 'er up!

    Randoms from last night. :)
  20. Xmetal

    Another Australian Icon is gone... Australian racing legend Peter Brock passed away today while competing in a Targa rally event in Western Australia when his car hit with a tree. Rest in Peace.