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  1. captain-spanky

    Help with the language.

    Torus... check the link below out.. it will help with your 'british' no end and it might even make your barking spider twitch with laughter! :D
  2. captain-spanky

    Help with the language.

    the word 'Avocado' comes from 'Aguacate', the Spanish word for testicles.
  3. captain-spanky

    TPF you are MIGHTY!

    i've got a cape
  4. captain-spanky


    what about a Tibetan Terrier? My parents are going to get one of these sometime after our poodle karks it. Free Tibet! LOL Yeah, we've got a black poodle, and far from being girlie, our poodle rocks. He's about 20 something so well over 100 in dog...
  5. captain-spanky


    how can you see anyone in that hat Alison?!?! :D Hey Archangel, i think youe were just starting here when i was beginning to drift away... the GDF is good.. they've all very helpful... like this place!
  6. captain-spanky

    Senseless acts of selfishness...

    sorry fella, I'm just letting out the words in my head... i know it's frustrating but if you let it get to you too much, it will do you in. i've had my share of heartache and personally decided that the best way to cope with things like that is to just let stuff happen. It's kinda Taoist...
  7. captain-spanky

    Q: What can Kill Arch in 15mins..... but won't harm you?...

    NHS suck donkey balls could you go private? I got private health cover with my previous employer and when i had to use it, i was very surprised with the difference in standards... as soon as i've sorted out payments for this mortgage thing, I'm going to get private cover again.
  8. captain-spanky

    Senseless acts of selfishness...

    no man is an island don't feel bad with what life deals you.. sometimes the romantic 'could have had' is the best situation anyway... but me saying that implies that's the end of that situation... and it could quite possibly not be. Who's to say that a couple of months down the line...
  9. captain-spanky


    looking cool here... me likey! As soon as i can get into my albums I'll shove some stuff up.. the internet here at work has been limited by 'websense' and so i can't actually access anything 'useful' apart from this forum and the http://www.graphicdesignforum i've still got my 'vote for Odin'...
  10. captain-spanky

    bye bye for a while!

    was it something i said?!?! have i scared you off?? ;) :D Have a great time, spain is gorgeous but try not to do what i did and take too many pictures of olive trees.. the textures in those trees are really interesting but they tends to lose their edge after you've captured 30+ of them.. ;)
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    aye.. i remember both of you.. and core.. you must have at least +10k posts since i last posted... :)
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    Howdo y'awl! anyone remember me? I haven't had the chance to log on in sooo long but i'm glad to see quite a few names i still recognise... ;) but holey moley, the post counts are through the roof!! i remember when Artemis was in single figures! Anyway, hopefully i'll be able to stick around...
  13. captain-spanky

    RIP Lord Litchfield

    :( pretty ladies and their fans will miss you.
  14. captain-spanky

    My buddy's GTO...

    LOVE the last two shots... :)
  15. captain-spanky

    weekend carshow...

    what does anyone think? it was really hard to get any shots of the full cars as they were really packed in tight to the car park... but I'm quite happy with them... :)
  16. captain-spanky


    just in case anyone was worried... the parcel turned up today... :D YAAAAY! another SX-70... this time in brrrrrrrrrrown leather mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Customs had it... grrrrrrrrr just need to find some film in this hellhole called the UK now and I'll be one happy little spanky
  17. captain-spanky

    wooooo... you seen this?

    the what now? :confused:
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    you just have to phone a number here and say 'can you activate it please' and then they do. so it's reeeeeeealy open to abuse... :(
  19. captain-spanky

    wooooo... you seen this?

    ;) :lol:
  20. captain-spanky

    SX-70 fans!!!!

    Howdy people! I drew this to go on a tshirt but i was wondering if anyone wanted me to make it into a desktop wallpaper for them? Or if you did want a t-shirt/polo shirt/hooded top with it on, i could do that for you too... t-shirts go for about £15 and the image is heat-pressed on in stretch...