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    random DIY carpentry question for the studio

    So I want to put a swing in my studio for portraits, the ceiling is a drop one so I cant attach the hooks directly to that, and I rent the space so I dont want to put massive hooks in the walls leaving 1/2" holes. the plan is to build a frame out of 2x4's on both sides of the studio, and run...
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    Poison Ivey

    Has anyone ever had a client claim they got poison ivey from their portrait session with you? How did you handle that? :)
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    what are the perks of belonging to PPA?

    What are the perks? They list some on the splash page but I was wondering what they really have to offer? Ive heard they offer free legal advice, but I don't see any mention of that on their page. Ive also heard they offer limited insurance, but again I don't see any mention of that. I...
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    has anyoen here tried artisan slate?

    Ive been tempted to give them a try, and I was just wondering if anyone here has tried them?
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    county fair display - hot and humid conditions - would you use canvas?

    I have a county fair display coming up this September. Its a large barn type building with about 5 or 6 huge doors that are open first thing in the morning. In the morning its pretty damp, then in the afternoon and evening its pretty hot. I am hoping to get the spot I had a few years ago that...
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    need recommendations for ipad app to collect customer information

    I want to go digital for my customer information form, but I am having trouble finding an app that will do what I want. I dont want it to use my ipads contacts since it will get lost with thousands of other people. I want the information to be kept in the database or spreadsheet of the app...
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    need boom recomendations

    I need a boom but Im not finding anything in my price range. I use elinchrome dlite4 strobes, so not that heavy. Eventually I would like to get a huge softbox but right now im just using smaller softboxes. Any help would be appreciated. :)
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    What backdrop would you suggest for a business headshot?

    I need to add another backdrop to my lineup for business headshots that want to come to my studio. All the drops I have so far are more for seniors, and when I search denny and the other sites I dont really see anything that strikes me as business and professional. So I am hoping you all can...
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    need suggested apps for ipad

    My next studio purchase is going to be an ipad, I know, im really up with the times. :D right now I use paper for my customer order information, model releases and price guide. I cant read their info half the time and I have to manually enter it in to use for later campaigns which I never...
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    Who offers cluster wall portraits - and what lab do you use?

    I want to start offering cluster wall portriats, right now my wall portrait sales are not where I want them to be and I figure this might be a good tool to help boost that. But WHCC doesnt offer the sizes I need for these. H&H does offer these in canvas but I dont have any experience with...
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    need cheap but nice 20x30 frames - any suggestions?

    I am doing a county fair display and I am putting up between 12 and 18 - 20x30 pictures. Possibly 27 if I can swing the finances. Due to the sheer number of pictures I cant buy quality frames for them, and considering how damp the building gets each day I wouldn't want to risk damaging that...
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    making simple web gallery using photoshop?

    My goal is to use photoshop, lightroom or ImageReady *I think is the name* to "export" my pictures into a contact form like html file. But I dont remember how to do this. I seen something like this a while ago but I hvent had the need for it until now. I was hoping someone here knew how to...
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    What stroboframe do you use and why?

    I want to get a strobo frame for an upcoming wedding, that way I can have the flash a bit higher and have it above the camera while shooting portrait orientation with out having to hand hold. My wedding mentor from 10 years ago had a nice one but I dont remember much about it other than the...
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    need some crafty/handy advice - adding a folding wall to the studio

    At the back of the studio I have the usual backdrops setup, but I want something the clients can lean on and interact with. In the middle of the studio the wall comes out a bit due to a fireplace that was covered over, and I just use the space in front of that as temporary storage. I was...
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    Who offers WHCC 8x8 images boxes to their clients with styrene mounted prints?

    I'm just curious who here offers WHCC square images boxes to their clients with the styrene mounted prints? I want to offer my clients an interesting way to present their prints, and a folio box was recommended by Sue Bryce in one of her seminars. However the lab she recommends charges $200...
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    need a monitor recommendation

    Its time to upgrade again, this time to a better monitor with more reliable colors. The one I have now gives me a different profile every time I run my spyder 2 and its to bright, when I tone down the brightness things just look muddy. A friend suggested the Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24"...
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    need advice on studio album example

    I have a question for everyone! I am going to buy a new studio example of a heirloom album to show my clients. What would look better? A - An album with one page layout style with 20 images from one portrait session? B - An album with 5 different layout style examples with images from 5...
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    Gift certificates and tax?

    Im going to talk to an accountant eventually but I was just wondering if anyone here has experience with this. If I were to give out a $200 gift certificate to someone to my studio, and they ended up not purchasing anything extra, do they pay tax on the $200? Or does the tax come out of my...
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    The night sky ------- and possibly a ufo? :D

    I took this picture the other day when I noticed how clear the sky was. I didnt do much to it in post other than making the blacks a bit darker in raw and upping the vibrance a tiny bit. The bottom corner is from another picture cropped, does anyone know what that is? The picture was taken...
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    facebook - my latest status updates have disapeared - anyone else having problems?

    I posted a question asking if anyone is interested in a destination portrait on facebook on both my fan page and personal page with more details on my fan page. I get an email that there was a reply and when I click on it it says no such page. I go to the pages manually and both posts are...