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    thanks guy's! Bifurcator, I do but not really what I need for this assignment :wink: Chewbecca yea I notised that too! one of my pictures really turned out crappy because of the sky. I live in belgium we have like white sky's 80% of the time :lmao: abraxas, no i'm afraid we have from...
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    hey ! This year for school I have to make 12 landscape photo's to make a calendar. I have really little experience in this area. I need to work on this for the whole year as we have to try and recreate the year ( seasons) in the photo's. I really mostly do studio photography, but lately...
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    my first wedding: horror story

    i'm happy for you that have found the photo's!! that must have been a nightmare. But its a good thing for me to keep in mind as I have my first wedding is feb!! Now, am I the only one that really wants to see some of the photo's now!! :lmao:
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    I want I want I want :hail::lmao::lmao:
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    Foolin' Around

    hahah cool, how mlong of a schuttertime? 5 min ? heheh Nice use of light!
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    Nikon + Lenses

    Hi, thank you both of you! I'm going back to the store tehave anotehr look at the 105!!
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    My Baby Girl

    seh is very cute!! nice pictures!!
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    Nikon + Lenses

    I have been thinking out the 105mm actualy! and the 16-85mm .... sign I wish I had a better teacher last year ... :lmao:
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    Nikon + Lenses

    Overread thank you :D the budget uuuh well I dont want to think about it :lmao:. one lens a month hehehe At the moment I'm in uni to become a photographer. So we need to do al sorts of work. What I do myself often is macro with people outside, insects and in the studio I use it for...
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    Last Light on the Summer Trail

    beautiful , the light is compelling. aah I would just love to sit there on a blanket with hubby and a glas of wine :D
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    Chambord Castle, France

    hey , i think the image is great! only in the right corner the clouds there are a bit pinkish.. (but that might be me) Overall I think its a beautiful moment. of a gorgeous building!
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    FS: Nikon 16-85mm VRII *MINT*

    would you ship international?
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    Painting With Light

    very nice I like that very much!!!! the green on the walls just gives the right feeling to the image! the lights make it original! good job! :drool:
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    Nikon + Lenses

    hi there I'm rather confused after going to a store the other day to look for a lens. I'm going to buy the D80 end this year and I would like to have a couple of lenses to go with it. at the moment I have a standard Kit 18-55 AF. Not bad to use for a standard lens. (edit to say I have a D40x...
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    London Eye at night

    Great!!!! that is fantastic!!! well done!! :drool:
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    Amsterdam by night

    I LOVE NR 3!!!!! What did you use on that picture? great job!!! :drool:
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    Zoutelanden, Netherlands

    picture only ...
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    Zoutelanden, Netherlands

    Landscape is NOT my forte! so on a trip to the sea crammed my gear together and got myself some practice. pleas CC, it would be great to see how to be able to improve! Thanks for looking!!
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    Cliche... First Wedding

    hey I think they are nice. specialy for a first wedding! I would put a little more into the processing of the image ... like following, a bit more color, sharpness, brightness and a soft blur around the borders. I find it that with wedding the soft blur around the edges works great! gives...