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    Olympus OM 10

    Could anyone let me know their thoughts on the OM 10 by Olympus????
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    Just got some of my black and white shots back today from the developer's. Some ok stuff on there, but one picture in particular that I was holding high hopes for turned out pretty crappy. Was a shot of a cornfield with the tramlines running away from me. On the horizon was a huge oak tree...
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    X or M ????

    I have got hold of an old Russian Zenith (or ZENIT-E, as is says on the casing) and there's something that is puzzling me. Under the shutter speed dial, there is a manual switch that can be set to X or slid round 180 degrees to the M position. I have absolutely no idea of what it does, but...
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    Running water

    Hey y'all... If I want to fuzz the water in a picture and I'm using around a 400 speed film on a fairly bright day, what length of expose do you think would be needed??
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    How to post a pic

    How the hell d'ya upload your shots onto a new post? He he. :? :?
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    putting together a portfolio......

    Hi all, I'd love to hear anyones views on how they have put together their portfolio's. Im thinking of purchasing an old ring bound plain paper book and mounting some of my shots in it so when I approach others, I can have a neat professional looking presentation. I guess Im looking to...
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    Photography as a career

    I was hoping someone out there could point me in the right direction. I am currently 28 and working in an office based environment. I have been giving great thought to making atransition into photography as a career, I have my eye trained on local newspapers. However, I possess no formal...