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    Use of Fluorescent Light

    I am working on making a light tent (so I can stay inside and take pictures during the Wisconsin winter :D) and I am now looking to purchase some lights. My budget is small and I felt this would fit my needs. However, I would like to use a light that doesn't get so hot. Would I be able to...
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    Deal on Nikon D50

    It has been a long time since I have posted on this board but I finally moved on up from my Nikon Coolpix 4300 to a D50. I just thought I would tell anyone interested in purchasing a D50 to check out Ritz Camera. They have a D50 with a Quantaray 28-90mm F/3.3-5.6 Lens for $549.99 which is...
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    Fireworks on the 4th

    I know everyone is probably sick of firework pictures by now but here are a few I took at our local fireworks display.
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    Reflector stand

    I would like to get a set of 5-in-1 reflectors for my macro/nature photography. This is what I am looking at getting ( Would you recommend I get some sort of stand or something to hold the reflectors while I take a photo? If so what should I look for?
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    I took this photo in my back yard the other day. I did some research and aparently it is a jumping spider (salticidae) with eight eyes :shock: .
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    Photography Contests

    I have had some free time lately and was thinking of submitting some of my photos to some photography contests. What contests does everyone know about?
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    Remote Control Cord

    I am looking into getting a remote control for my Nikon camera (here is the remote control The cord is only 2.6 feet long. I would like a longer cord so is there some type of "extension cord" I can get?
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    They were running around in my back yard today and I just had to take some pictures.
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    These are a few photos of a couple of irises in my yard.
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    Flower Centers

    I was taking some pictures the other day and they didn't turn out that great but when I cropped out the center part I found them interesting.
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    pixelperfect photoblog

    I just started updating my photoblog again. I kina ran out of things to photograph in the winther but I dusted off the camera now that spring is here. check it out -Todd
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    Pixel Perfect back up and running

    I just thought I would let everyone know that my site is now back up and running after a few weeks of downtime due to server troubles.
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    Snow Sculptures

    I was at Michigan Tech this weekend for winter carnival. Several of the student groups make massive snow sculptures. If they were being paid $10 an hour each sculpture would cost about $50,000. this is a McDonalds, it is almost life size. A riverboat A cabin
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    Winter Creek

    A few photos I took the otherday after it snowed.
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    Nikon Coolpix 4300

    This camera is great for someone who wants a light and compact camera yet still wants some of the more advanced features. First of all the price: in most stores it will cost about $400 but if you shop around you can find it for about $300. Size and layout: This camera is a great size as well...
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    Owl photos

    Does anyone know how to talke a picture of an owl at night? Every night I hear and sometimes see an owl in my back yard but it is always very dark out. How can I get a picture of it? Thanks
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    Links gone :(
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    Mars Rover Photos

    Just thought I would share the link with the rovers photos. I believe it will be sending color photos back soon!
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    Blackhawk Helicopters

    There was a Green Bay Packer football playoff game here today at Lambeau Field and 4 blackhawk helicopters were scheduled to fly overhead befor the game. So I went down to the airport and had just missed them leaving but was able to get a few photos of them on their way back. All of the...
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    Photoblog comments

    Well I am not sure if this is the right place for the thread but it is half on topic half off so here it goes. I have a photoblog and I want to put a link at the bottom of all of my entries that allows viewers to leave a comment. I have noticed that several other photoblogs...