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    Canon 50mm f/1.8 MKI (the old one) focusing problem

    I've searched around for this briefly, but seeing the lack of websites I got reviewing the problem I had, I'm assuming it's not so common. My friend just bought a used Canon 50mm f/1.8 MKI (yes, the older one with the metal mount) and both of us has been having trouble with the autofocus and...
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    Lense Hood for Canon 50mm f/1.8...worth it?

    That's basically my much would having a lense hood make a difference? I really havent had experience with a lense hood, so I dont know how it makes a difference in photo's. If anyone can tell me general advice, please do so! If anyone can give me advice specifically on the...
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    Pinhole camera using Canon EOS 650..need advice

    There was a Japanese show, basically about nostalgia, that I was watching and one of the things featured was box pinhole cameras. Im truly a digital photographer, but I was so fascinated by the picture quality that I am really looking forward to taking pictures with a self made pinhole camera...
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    Pictures from my Europe trip!

    Here are some pictures thus far, no touch ups..only resizing. I wish I had my computer arg! Interlaken, Switzerland Nice, France Monaco Can you tell Switzerland is inspiring? :hail:
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    Chicago @ 4:30am: Series!

    Was still awake one night around 2, so I decided to take a trip to Downtown Chicago on a warm day. It was pretty creepy, let me tell you. I talked to a lot of security guards, ran away from random scary people, etc to take these pics haha. Tell me what you guy's think!! 1. Homeless and...
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    Purdue Grand Prix series

    I was taking shots for my friend and for the school newspaper here and thought I'd share some shots I got! The pictures are of the biggest event here at Purdue (which is also our biggest party weekend as well). It's called Grand Prix and is a go kart race where many different organizations...
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    My first band photoshoot

    Well I guess it's not really a photoshoot, but I took pictures of a band called Houston Calls tonight. They played a free show here at Purdue. I'm uploading 6 of the best pics (in my opinion)! Comments and critques are always welcome! Camera: Canon Digital Rebel XT Lense: Canon 50mm f/1.8...
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    taking pictures for a band

    I just got back from a concert here at Purdue, and I took pictures for one of the bands. Do you think it's a good idea to watermark them? Tell me what you guys think..thanks.
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    my room.

    I tried to see how autostitch would interpret my room, and this is how it turned out :hail: ^replaced with final product..
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    Traveling to Europe

    Im going to be in Europe for 7 weeks. It's gonna be my 20th birthday trip (20th is big in Japan) and fell perfectly on the 2006 World Cup in Germany :D Anyways, of course I will be bringing my 350D, and I had a few things in mind.. 1) How should I transport the camera? Sure a camera bag is...
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    Kit Lense! (or other wide angle lenses)

    Sorry, this may be a tad inapporpriate, but I don't think too many people view the Classifieds section. I'm looking for the kit lense that came with the 350D's so I have a wide angle lense. I'm going to Europe this summer and the widest lense I have is 35mm. I'm hoping to get some good use...
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    WTB: Canon 350D Kit lense FOR CHEAP

    Im looking for a wide angle lense for my trip to Europe this summer, and I want a lense that's wider than 35mm for my 350D. I didn't buy the 350D with the kit lense because I thought it was a waste of money, but I kind of need the wide angle capabilities of it. I'm still 19, sophmore in...
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    How to focus in extreme low lighting?

    For example of a situation: shots during the night away from a city when light pollution isn't putting a spotlight on us. It's sometimes very hard to see, and even harder to see through a viewfinder. What are some techniques you guys use to focus in really low lighting when AF isn't exactly...
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    War photography

    Any photographers of wars or conflicts out there? I was wondering how you even become one and how you get involved with the military to do that...purely out of curiosity but I could even considering doing it..I think it's a very noble job.
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    Chicagoland Camera stores?

    Can anyone recommend a Chicagoland camera store for me? Looking for equipment and development services...thanks :)
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    Please Critique!!

    Some shadows from a gate..I actually turned it upside down..I thought it looked better that way. What I'm most concerned about is the shadow in the top right of the picture. Is it too much? I cropped this picture so I can change the picture a lot..but please tell me if you like or dislike how...
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    Cuddling Shoes...

    New add to my see it here first on TPF :D "They will never be separated."
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    Hit 1000th picture with my 350D today =)

    Just as the title says, I hit the 1000th picture with my camera today! Today will be the 20th day of ownership! Just thought I'd share...:lmao: