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  1. JEazy

    Studio Lights Battery Pack

    A couple months ago I got some Studio lights and I want to use them around town without having to plug them in. I know nothing about the battery packs, so could somebody point me in the direction of some good ones and some cheap ones? Are they universal or brand specific? If they are I'm using...
  2. JEazy

    Black and White Skate Photo

    What do you think?
  3. JEazy

    I am a Photojournalist

    This photo I took ran in the newspaper I worked for this summer, the Albert Lea Tribune, and when it ran everyone in town was talking about it. I got so many letters from random people saying how good it was. I knew it was a good photo, but I was pretty shocked that other people actually liked...
  4. JEazy

    FS: Nikon D50 Setup

    I'm looking to upgrade so I'm selling my current digital setup. I've babied everything since I bought it last year so it's in almost new condition. Included is: -Nikon D50 Camera Body -Sigma 24-70mm -Vivitar 16a flash (Test button broke off. Still works great!) -Achiever 115a flash -2 sync...
  5. JEazy

    Backyard Bliss

    Just picked up a Quantaray 19-35mm for my Nikon cameras so I went out back with my D50 to try it out. I really like this lens so far, I might even put away the Sigma 15mm for awhile! :lol:
  6. JEazy

    The Digital Guy Goes Back to Film

    Alright so I've been shooting with the Nikon D50 for over a year now. Just a few days ago I realized that trying to learn photography on a digital camera was not the right thing for me to do. It's too easy to be able to check your exposure right away then fix it. It's like guess then check and I...
  7. JEazy

    Sunpak on D50 help

    Hey about a half a year ago I ordered a Nikon Dedicated Sunpak auto 266D Thyristor Flash for my Nikon D50 but when I put it on my camera it won't fire or let me take a picture and the little flash square thing on my lcd blinks. Is there any setting that I need to change or something to make my...
  8. JEazy

    First Wedding Shoot

    Alright so I've just been asked to shoot an former co-workers wedding because they seemed to like my photos when I worked at the local newspaper with them and I'm pretty nervous cause i've never shot one before. What different kind of photos should I take like group shots and whatnot? The...
  9. JEazy

    Urban War

    Took this snap awhile ago on the way to a concert from the back of a friends car. We were parked and I saw these kids playing and thought it would be a great photo opp. Comments or critiques?
  10. JEazy


    Gotta stop usin the fisheye for portraits. Any comments?
  11. JEazy

    Tribute to a Soldier

    Took a walk around the park tonight and i've always wanted to photograph this at night so i did. how'd i do?
  12. JEazy

    The Lone Fisher

    Took this shot back when i worked for the local paper. It ran in a photo spread I put together for the local fishing scene. This one really stood out to me though. Posted for critiques.
  13. JEazy

    Aaron the Mediocre

    Just a quick snap of a friend for his myspace. Comments?
  14. JEazy

    WTB: Nikon D2Hs

    Anybody have one that's willing to sell?
  15. JEazy

    Self Portrait of New Tattoos

    Fresh ink, just got them done about a half hour ago. Left is hate, right is love. Any comments on the photo or the tats would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  16. JEazy

    Old Skateboard Photo From the Archives

    Took this shot of my friend awhile ago. I found this shot looking through my archives and I was quite fond of it. Comments or critiques would be greatly appreciated so...tear me apart!
  17. JEazy

    A Fair Sunset

    ISO 200 1/2000 f/4.0 I was walking around the local fair with a fellow photographer from the local newspaper and he had taken a shot of the sky and showed it to me so i thought i should do something with it, so i sillhuetted the ferris wheel. Comments or critiques would be greatly appreciated!
  18. JEazy

    Need Help Getting Started

    Alright most of you have seen my work and know that it isn't too bad. I want to start selling my photos to magazines like be a stock photographer but I have no idea where to start. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, cause i've been stuck for a few weeks now.
  19. JEazy

    Flooding with a hint of lightning

    First try at catching lightning, there was a huge storm last night and this was taken once the rain stopped. Comments?